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Ascension Rise of Vigil Kickstarter Previews

With the new Ascension Online Kickstarter in full swing (but ending Thursday at 9 pm), Stone Blade Entertainment has turned it into a preorder-stravaganza as well! After Rise of Vigil was accidentally leaked, SBE is now previewing the upcoming set – which you can preorder through the campaign!

Rise of Vigil is looking to be a new block that expands Ascension in a different direction. Chronicles of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen introduced core mechanics, Storm of Souls and Immortal Heroes brought us events, soul gems and trophy monsters. Now Rise of Vigil drops events and soul gems for treasures and energy.

Those probably need some explaining. According to SBE:

Treasures are cards that do not take up space in the center row. Whenever a treasure card enters the center row, you continue to place cards on top of it until you hit a non-treasure card. Whenever a player acquires or defeats a card with treasure under it, that player also acquires all of those treasures.

The Energy Shards are treasures, and they generate a resource called Energy and draw a card whenever you play them.

Energy is a new resource in Rise of Vigil. Unlike Runes or Power, Energy is not spent. Some cards have Energize abilities which turn on when you reach a certain Energy threshold. The Energize text on a Hero, Construct, or Monster reward is active if you have gained energy equal to or greater than its Energize number that turn.

So what does this energy do? Absolutely crazy things!

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The Magic of Items in D&D Next

Another Monday, another Legends & Lore. Go ahead and read this one. In it Mike Mearls addresses magic items in WotC’s upcoming 5th edition of D&D. I think we’ve heard about this stuff before, but this time we get more details. Here are the highlights:

  1. The game makes no assumption that you have magical enhancement bonuses on your weapons and armor.
  2. Enhancement bonuses will pretty much cap out at +3.
  3. Magic items do a lot of things, rather than one minor thing.
  4. That said, you can still find vanilla +1 chain mail if your DM is into that.
  5. Prebuilt items. Mearls talks about a sunder rock mace as an example. This item occupies a specific place in the world, and only comes in one form. There are no sunder rock swords, and sunder rock is not a generic weapon ability that can be applied to whatever base weapon floats your boat.

Now let’s dive into analyzing this.

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