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Top Chef DC Recap: A shift in weaponry

This season is finally starting to heat up as the chef’testants get whittled down. Sure, there are a few more chefs that don’t seem quite up to caliber as the others, but there isn’t some chasm separating the different skill levels. Also, Amanda really needs to stop dressing like she got all of her clothes at Hot Topic circa 2004.

Jumping straight into the first challenge is the quickfire and Padma brought along a young friend, and I mean young – Aaron Schock is the youngest member of the House of Representatives and represents the 18th District of Illinois. He’s also the first member of the United States Congress to be born in the 80s! Thanks Wikipedia!

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Top Chef DC Recap: Power Struggle in the Frost Kingdom

My DVR went wonky (possibly demonic possession) and wouldn’t let me pause or rewind, so I ended up missing the first few minutes of the episode and got tossed in with people talking about testicles marshmallows. But the challenge looked like a great one: each chef was given some rare ingredient ranging from the rather common foie gras and emu eggs to the delightfully absurd duck testicles and llama!

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Top Chef DC Recap: Cause & Effect

Another week and another episode of Top Chef DC aired. Sadly, this episode doesn’t give much for DMs wanting to improve their games. Hell, I didn’t even find the food exciting this week. But there is one thing about this show that’s entertaining as all hell: Angelo.

Here’s a guy who is either a strategic genius or just likes messing with people. I mean, he turned Tamesha into his Sith apprentice! Or maybe he’s just messing with her. Or maybe Angelo just wants to hook up with her (he has a kid, so I’d assume he has a wife too…).

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Top Chef DC Alignment Graph: Week 5

Before you ask what happened to week’s three and four let me offer this explanation. DeLorean, 1.21 gigawats, Libyans.

Week 5 brings about the fifth elimination, but the sixth chef to leave since last week saw a tandem of cheftestants removed from the competition. Given that we’ve had over a month of quickfires and challenges all of the contestants have now been placed on the alignment graph in some way, and a few that we place early on continue to move as they reveal more and more about themselves through the weeks.

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Top Chef DC Episode 4 Recap: More stuff happens but it’s still between Angelo & Kenny

Sometimes the shifting of the time streams makes it a tad difficult to throw up these recaps. Then again, between work and the Magic 2011 Prerelease, I’ve been rather busy. And Tom has been internetless, so hopefully things will start getting back on track soon.

Top Chef DC is still packed full of chef’testants that range from the cockily awesome like Angelo to the regular kind of awesome Kenny and a dash of heat from this season’s hottie, Amanda. The rest of the chefs seem to just be there for the inevitable Kenny versus Angelo show down. But to get to the end, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in between.

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Top Chef DC Alignment: Week 2

Top Chef Alignment

Each week as part of our Top Chef: DC recap, we’ll post an alignment map, categorizing each of the chefs and judges based on where they would fall in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Chefs outlined in green have survived on so far, while those in red have packed their knives and gone. As the show progresses, we’ll add more and more of the cheftestants to the graph until everyone has been placed

Every powerful force in the universe has an opposite and equally powerful force.—–D&D Book of Vile Darkness

Week 2 of Top Chef clearly defined the rivalry of the season between Kenny and Angelo, who may in fact be a super villain. To this point the rest of the chefs are basically just taking up space to build drama before the epic showdown. Aside from giving us further insight into the machinations of Angelo, we are now more clearly able to define some of the other contestants positions on the graph. We now have a female contestant who can rival Angelo’s evil quotient, but to this point hasn’t shown herself to be as devious, and is there a pattern emerging about the “type” of chef that gets cut in the early rounds of the contest? A few more weeks will be needed before that answer comes to light. Here’s who we were able to define this week:

Angelo – We saw him act maliciously this week, intentionally sabotaging his opponents. This pushes him more toward the evil extreme than we previously had him. It’s unclear if he’s super lawful, because he plays by the rules but really manipulates them. If he were a magic color, he’d be black/blue.

Amanda – Poor temper, poor judgment but knows the rules of the game. She’s setting herself up to be the “mean girl” of the season. “People who make desserts go home, ‘take one for the team’ is not in my vocab.” We peg her at the corner of chaotic and evil and hope that she and Angelo join forces to create Top Chef’s first “Legion of Doom”. Magic colors: red/black.

Kelly – Egotistical but tries to control it, though she failed miserably on several occasions. She is also annoying as hell, something not lost on her fellow contestants. Magic colors: Black/green

Arnold – Earned a shift upwards in terms of good, since he wanted to make sure credit was given when it was deserved to the team in general, but Tom remains suspicious that a turn toward evil might but in his future. Magic colors: white/green.

Jacqueline – This week saw the end for Jacqueline, the self-taught caterer. In her brief stint on the show she didn’t do much and what she did do wasn’t very good. She was in the bottom last time too, good heart but far too chaotic for her own good and can’t seem to follow rules. Magic colors: red/white

Next week the story continues. Angelo has controlled the game quite completely so far. How will Kenny counter? Will the contestants split into two factions each with their own field general? We can only hope. Maybe this time it’ll lead to a true “Restaurant Wars”.

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Top Chef and the Double Apron of Doom

The dungeon masters over at Magical Elves really knew what they were doing this week when it came to Top Chef. An excellent quickfire, some nefarious plotting, a dash of backstabbing and a whole bunch of absurd accusations – basically everything you’re looking for in a good campaign.

The Quick Fire was a fantastic piece. The most basic of premises: make a sandwich in 30 minutes for White House Chef Sam Krass. But then Padma unveiled the catch: bi-partisan aprons. Teams of two-headed giants making sandwiches? Yes! It is simple yet absolute genius. So after drawing their numbered blades from the block, the teams were formed.

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Top Chef DC Episode 1 Recap: The tale begins

Bravo really seems to be on a roll with Top Chef. Top Chef Masters ended just last week and season 7 of Top Chef is already on air! Last night introduced us to a new slew of chef’testants, brought back some favorite judges and showed off the brand new Top Chef kitchen that has so many different brands in its title that I think I should get paid for even thinking about it.

Over the years, the caliber of chef’testants has gone through the roof. Remember Mike from season 2 who worked at a T.G.I.Fridays before coming on the show? There isn’t anymore of that happening. While this season takes place in Washington D.C., the first episode didn’t do much about the local area. Aside from the stock footage of various monuments, this episode was all about cooking.

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Top Chef DC Alignment: Week 1

It’s the start of a new season of Bravo’s Top Chef . I’ll leave the recapping to Jesse. Suffice to say; someone won, someone went home and everyone else grumbled about not winning. As part of introducing the new “chef-testants” for this season, we thought it would be fun to rate them using the same alignment rules that Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) players use for creating characters. Since episodic reality television shows like Top Chef tend to focus on different contestants each week we didn’t learn enough about all the chefs to rate them this week. Instead, we placed the few we did get a good feel for on the graph, as well as the judges. Each week we’ll update the graph with new contestants and tag the ones that get eliminated.

This week we rated Angelo, Kenny, Arnold, John, and each of the four judges; Padma, Tom, Gail, and Eric Ripert who joins the show as a full-time judge this year after several stints as a guest. Here’s an explanation of each character’s position on the chart.

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