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Top Chef DC Finale: Let’s face it, Hung should have won.

This is it! The finale, the moment of truth when the next Top Chef is crowned after slaying his challengers for the amusement of the judges! Who cares if the winner got spoiled last week, it is on like a prawn at dawn!

There is no Quickfire, instead there’s just the final challenge: cook the best four course meal you can. But to do that, the chefs would need sous chefs and for the final time, the Knife Block of Destiny was brought out.

Each knife had the name of a past champion: Ilan Hall, Hung Huynh and Michael Voltaggio. Angelo really wanted Hung since he was Asian and he likes making Asian food for Asian judges in Asia. Kevin wanted Mike since they had a history, but so did Ed – instead Ed drew Ilan’s name.

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There Can Only Be One: Picking the Top Chef Winner

Top Chef 7: Hail to the Chefis down to its final three contestants: Angelo, Kevin, and Ed. Next week the three face off in their final challenge, which as always, will involve a few surprise guests and one or more twists and turns. For the finale, we’re profiling each of the three cheftestants and discussing why each of them Will or Will NOT win the competition.

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Top Chef DC Finale part 1 Recap: Perfect Stoner Food in Singapore

This is it, the first part of the finale where one chef’testant is told to pack their knives and go home. Of course, they’re in Singapore so home is a long ways away. The finale takes place after a break in the show so usually the chefs look a little different. This time around, everyone looked the same.

Having just watched No Reservations: Singapore, I had a pretty good idea of what the chefs would be doing. So when they ended up at the food court, I knew something fun was going to happen. So they went to a few different stalls and tried a bunch of street food while being chaperoned by KF Seetoh.

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Top Chef DC Recap: Epic Encounters

This season of Top Chef hasn’t exactly gone as expected. Kenny got kicked out too soon, Amanda lasted way too long and everyone has an unnatural obsession with pea puree and short ribs. Many writers think that this season is just lacking some spice. The Kenny-Angelo dynamic made for an impressive first episode, but then it faltered. There’s something wrong when viewers are more excited about a guest judge than any of the chef’testants.

Since this show is more about the chef’testants than the food they make, we learned more about Kelly whining about how she misses her husband and how Angelo got divorced (finally explains where his kid came from!). But that’s boring and the Quickfire is more exciting since loot is involved. Remember players, only tell someone your back-story if they really, really want to know (speaking of which, go donate to Of Dice and Men).

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Top Chef DC Recap: Balls, Bats and Back Story

Last night’s 11th episode of Top Chef DC had it all – yelling, foam, guys wearing dresses, doppelgangers and horribly awkward idioms! To top it off, I think we just hit the point in the season where I forget who some of the chef’testants were. Watching the intro just left me going “her?”

But the pressure is really on now. How else can you explain Ed wearing Tiffany’s dress (those things should really be bind on equip) or Angelo admitting that he had made a shrine to various chefs and would pray them. The more we learn about Angelo, the weirder it all gets.

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Top Chef DC Recap: The Bane of the Blind Boxes

After the unexpected slaying of Kenny in last week’s episode, the chef’testants were noticeably tense this time around on Top Chef DC. It suddenly dawned on them they no one is safe and sometimes the dice rolls just aren’t in your favor. Amazingly enough, Angelo seemed the most disturbed by the absence of Kenny than anyone else.

The Quickfire was watched over by the mad alchemist Wylie Dufresne of wd~50. Best known for his skills as a molecular gastronomist, Wylie also has unique insight and is a great judge for Top Chef because he was on Top Chef Masters and knows what it’s like to be on the other side.

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Cross Realm Warfare on the TV

While watching Chopped this week, I noticed something very odd about the current state of food television. Given the popularity of Top Chef on Bravo, Food Network has been struggling and doing everything they can to steal back some of the market share. I mean, Chopped is little more than a crazy quickfire challenge compressed into one episode.

Food Network even now has shows based on the fan favorite restaurant wars, and Cupcake Wars fills me with near infinite rage because I hate how popular the cupcake bubble has become. That’s a bubble that’s going to burst. Just like the alpaca bubble.

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Top Chef DC Recap: The War of the Restaurants

I thought Skeletor showing up once on Top Chef was impressive enough, but I didn’t expect him to make an appearance two more times. Between Nancy Pelosi as a guest judge and several of the chef’testants actually calling Alex by “Skeletor,” I was a tad gleeful.

Everyone knew that this episode was going to be restaurant wars since you need at least 8 chefs to make it work. But before that could happen, there has to be a Quickfire Challenge! The chefs walked in to find blindfolds, colored aprons and the knife block of Destiny. This meant it could only be one challenge: the relay! This is when each chef is given 10 minutes to prep and cook before handing off to the next chef, who has been blindfolded and just jumps right in.

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Top Chef DC Recap: Around the Realm

Here’s the big thing about Top Chef I don’t get. As people get booted off, their beds are left empty. And yet in all the seasons, I haven’t seen anyone get creative. If someone in my room left, I’d make sure to swipe their blankets, pillows – hell, I’d probably push the beds together too! Or just make a sweet fort.

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Top Chef DC Alignment: Week 7

Only eight contestants remain on Top Chef: DC, and we are at that point in the season where chefs who really have no business still being on the show are finally getting cut left and right. The only reason these people stayed as long as they did was because other people made bigger mistakes, but as was the case with Andrea and Stephen the past two weeks, if you are consistently on the bottom, eventually you’re going home.

Before getting to the graph and the changes in trends, a word. Chefs need to stop saying “I didn’t get a chance to show who I really am” and “I don’t need four people at a table to tell me I can cook” when they get eliminated. Andrea, I’m looking at you specifically, but this is something that happens at least once or twice per season. If you survived more than half the season and still “haven’t shown who you are”, you deserve to leave. What are you waiting for? If you get eliminated in the first or second episode and there are some esoteric challenges that don’t fit your cooking style, then fine, that might be a legitimate gripe, but when you have plenty of challenges and even make a few recipes that “I’ve made before at my restaurant and they work”, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen “who you are” (that was too many quotations marks). Additionally, everyone who is on the show can cook, they wouldn’t be there if they couldn’t. What the four judges are telling you is that on that particular night you weren’t good, end of story.

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