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I have awoken from my slumber, feast your eyes upon more Return to Ravnica spoilers!

It is the second day of Return to Ravnica spoilers! Feast your eyes upon these!

From the Mothership:

From Reddit!

From Magicspielen:

~Lotleth-Troll BG
Creature – Zombie Troll (R)
Discard a creature card from your hand: put a +1/+1 counter on CARDNAME
B: Regenerate CARDNAME

Full spoiler is here, cherish it.

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All Retun to Ravnica PAX Spoilers

So I’m on vacation and trying to do all of this from my phone. So if something doesn’t work, blame Tom! Anywho, the PAX party was last night, some people cracked the newest app for ALL the art in RtR block and here are like 50 new cards. Sheesh. Cards with photos are from MTGColorpie, card renders are from MTGSalvation. I wish I was at PAX.

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Full decklists for Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Decks – and five new Return to Ravnica spoilers!

In a surprise announcement, Wizards revealed the complete contents of Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari in their entirety today!

Full decklists after the jump, prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

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Magic: the Gathering Commander’s Arsenal partially revealed!

In today’s Arcana, Wizards showed off what we can expect in the newest product coming out November 2nd – Commander’s Arsenal. I don’t think anyone was expecting this. It costs $75! It includes:

  • 18 premium foil cards
  • 10 oversized premium foil cards
  • 120 UltraPRO foil card sleeves
  • 20 double-sided Battle Marks (+ and –)
  • A life counter that goes up to 99

This is the contents (I’m expecting some stunning packaging [also, I own that same light box]). I really like the +/- counters since they hammer home the idea of them canceling each other out. The new life counter is pretty, here’s a slightly different view:

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Mono-black control still isn’t a thing, even with all these M13 spoilers

A handful of new spoilers (and some extra confirmations) have come out today! First, cards from yesterday but in English!

From the Mothership:

Hellion Crucible
Land (R)
T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
1R, T: Put a pressure counter on Hellion Crucible.
1R, T, Remove two pressure counter from Hellion Crucible and sacrifice it: Put a 4/4 red Hellion creature token with haste onto the battlefield.

Blood Reckoning comes from Wizards Organized Play and Hellion Crucible is from Magic Friends.

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Some better art and legible cards for M13

Today has been relatively slow in terms of spoilers, aside from the return of the M10 duals, but we have finally gotten artwork that doesn’t look like I took a photo with a potato while shaking, then faxing it over twice before making a drawing with a piece of burned wood.

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More M13 spoilers spill through the DotP cracks!

Yeesh! What an odd assortment of cards spoiled today! Oh, you can’t read Disciple of Bolas either? Here you go:

Disciple of Bolas 3B
Creature – Human Wizard (R)
When Disciple of Bolas enters the battlefield, sacrifice another creature. You gain X life and draw X cards, where X is that creature’s power.

Downpour and Disciple of Bolas both come from DotP13, while the other new cards come from Magic: the Gathering’s Facebook page.

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Taking a week off from M13 spoilers still means a handful leaking through

This week, Wizards is dedicated to Duels of the Planeswalker 2013, so everything is suspiciously quiet. But still, a handful of M13 rumors have leaked into the wild!

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I’m out of witty things to say about Magic 2013 spoilers

Maybe it’s because I’m four beers in or the fact that I’m watching TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze but I really hope today’s spoilers blow my mind. Well, more so than the reveal of Rancor returning. (And yes, expect me to subjugate you to these terrible links moving forward)

From the mothership:

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Magic 2013 daily spoilers officially begin!

With Planechase 2 done, Magic 2013 spoiler season officially kicks off! Even though over a third of the set is already know.

From the Mothership:

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