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Exclusive – Ascension: Immortal Heroes Soul Gem Preview!

As the days draw closer to the release of Ascension: Immortal Heroes, new cards are getting revealed on a daily basis and Castles and Cooks has an exclusive Soul Gem to reveal!

In the Immortal Heroes expansion, a new deck of cards is included known as Soul Gems. These unique one-shots represent heroes of the past and force you to use them immediately – or lose them! There are 40 Soul Gems in the deck, but some cards appear more than once. For example, Avatar Golem appears twice in the Soul Gems deck.

What is most interesting to me about this version of Avatar Golem is the change to its rules text. Originally it read “Gain 1 honor for each type of Construct you control. (Types are Enlightened, Mechana, Lifebound and Void.) ” and it now is “Gain 1 honor for each faction among Constructs you control.” While this could just be some attempt at unifying the card language, I really wonder if down the road Ascension is going to expand into a new faction or two (or multiple-faction cards). Rampant speculation? Absolutely!

Another thing I love is how vibrant the colors on Avatar Golem are now. The yellows, oranges and purple really pop in comparison to the older card. As Justin Gary’s favorite card, Avatar Golem can become a game ending powerhouse that rewards an eclectic mix of Constructs.

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is scheduled to be released on August 17th at Gencon. Who wants to pick me up a copy?

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Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 4

Last week was a crazy one for Ascension Immortal Heroes previews. Between the five new cards shown off on the official Ascension Facebook page, the three over at Ascension Fans (I love those guys) and both MTV Geek and Gamehead show off one each, it’s been a lot of fun!

From the official Ascension Facebook page:

Temple Guardian finishes the cycle of Enlightened defeaters alongside Prodigal, Arha Templar, Oziah the Peerless and Adayu, the Chosen. A solid pick, especially being worth 4 honor for 5 runes. And if he cantrips as well, that’s beyond excellent. Acidic Crawler is interesting, but it really is one of those cards you need to play with before getting the best sense of it. The idea of destroying someone’s entire construct arsenal is impressive, but how often will that actually happen? Plus if you have the most, the crawler is just worth 5 honor.

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Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 3

Like the last two weeks, Gary Games has been updating their Facebook Ascension page every day with a new card from the upcoming expansion: Immortal Heroes! Scheduled to be released at Gencon, Immortal Heroes is shaping up to be a fascinating set that brings new changes to each faction.

Growmites shows off another Ongoing Trophy and a new rarity! The purple symbol means super-common and there are five Growmites in Immortal Heroes. Depending on how they appear in the center row, a chain of Growmites can quickly mean game over as they continue to bring in the honor.

Energy Monk continues the trend of Mechana going into power over runes, while making great use of the smash everything strategy. While 4 runes for 2 power isn’t great, the 3 honor value helps make up for it. An interesting alternative to Brazer Drone.

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Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews Week 2

The second week of Ascension Immortal Heroes previews have happened! All of these cards were originally spoiled over as the official Ascension Facebook page. Having played a lot of Storm of Souls on my iPad over the last few months, these cards are shaping up to be very interesting.

Beast Staff rewards those who are able to banish cards from their deck and would be an fantastic piece in a Void-Mechana self-destruction deck, or it can work just as well with a Honey Siren control deck that is constantly stacking the deck. Recyclicrab is fascinating since it is a card that doesn’t do anything when in play. As a combo engine piece, this will drastically improve the value of cards like Scrap Flinger.

Wandering Askara is a homerun from a flavor standpoint. I love that it is just a Seer of the Forked Path, but the ability to get an extra turn is a pure Enlightened concept. Just be careful because there are only three of them included in the set! Trophy Hunter’s value drastically changes depending on if an Event is out of not. Being able to always snag a Fanatic, the Trophy Hunter will be very dangerous when the opening reveal includes an Event.

Souls Unbound is an interesting event that seems more like a Monster/Enlightened hoser than anything else. But the ability to turn Fanatics into Soul Gems (while pitching a card) makes me very interested to see how one of these early game will shape how people play.

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is scheduled to be released on August 17th at Gencon. You can find last week’s spoilers here.

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Ascension: Immortal Heroes previews have begun!

It seems like ages ago when I got the chance to chat with Rob Dougherty during PAX East about the upcoming Ascension: Immortal Heroes before sitting down to play a few games of a hand assembled set. But now the first round of previews have started and I am very excited.

For those interested in the lore of the game, check out the official unveiling. For those after brand new cards, how do these look?

Those who picked up the promo cards may remember Kythis as the Gatekeeper between worlds, but since his boss disappeared, he’s taken a page from Game of Thrones! Trophy Monsters debuted in Storm of Souls as a way to get delayed gratification for slaying monsters, but the newest ability introduces “Ongoing Trophies.” Inspired by Samael, the Fallen, these ongoing trophies essentially turn monsters into constructs – that can’t be destroyed!

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The color wheel goes round and round in M13

Trading Post 4
Artifact (R)
1, T, Discard a card: You gain 4 life.
1, T, Pay 1 life: Put a 0/1 white Goat creature token onto the battlefield.
1, T, Sacrifice a creature: Return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.
1, T, Sacrifice an artifact: Draw a card.

Everything but the Tradingpost and Fungal Sprouting came from DailyMTG… which is currently down.

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M13 is making me nostalgic for Alpha with these spoilers

Touch of the Eternal 5WW
Enchantment (Rare)
At the beginning of your upkeep count the permanents you control. Your life total becomes that number.

The first four all come from the mothership. Master of Pearl Trident was revealed by TCGPlayer and MagicBlogs.de got the Touch!

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M13 Newest Planeswalker: Liliana of the Dark Realms

To end this week Wizards, made sure to go out with a bang with the reveal of the newest Liliana! Stuffy Doll was shown off by Gen Con Indy. New Ajani from the Magic show.

Public Execution 5B
Sorcery (U)
Destroy target creature an opponent controls. Each other creature that player controls gets -2/-0 until end of turn.

And the MTGSalvation Rumor Mill has been working overtime with the return of Rise from the Grave and Captain’s Call:

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Rancor returning in M13? It looks like it!

Well, that certainly looks like it.

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Sorry, I’m still in awe of there being a Goblin Jester Magic card in M13

Honestly, I’m still in shock of there finally being a goblin jester in Magic finally, but enough about me. Let’s see what new cards got unveiled today for M13!

From the mothership:

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