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Cook’s Recipe: Lentil Italian Wedding Soup

The frost of winter was beginning to melt away, and all were merry for the union of Penema and Loreth.  Azel happily supped on the meaty stew as she watched the woodland elves dance beneath the glowing lanterns hanging from the trees.  Grey elves from the neighboring mountains stood solemnly on the peripheral.  “Grey elves can keep their haughty smirks, but they don’t know the pleasures of a good soup,” Azel thought contently.

This soup has all the flavor of classic Italian wedding soup with much less carbs.

Lentil Italian Wedding Soup

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Cook’s Recipe: Lentil Soup

“Not everything needs meat to be delicious,” Nievah spat across the table at the grimmacing Thaxus. Throwing up his hands in frustration, Thaxus conjured up spoon and forced himself to try a bite of this supposed “soup” the high priestess kept pushing on him.

“I hate it when you’re right,” Thaxus slurped before reaching for another chunk of bread.

Believe it or not, food really can be satisfying and filling without involving a large steak or a whole chicken. Given how much time I spend with vegetarians, it’s started to sneak into my own cooking. So whether you’re looking for a cheap soup to make on a whim or are trying to impress the cute vegetarian across the hall, this recipe just calls for some extra time but it is worth it.

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Cook’s Recipe: Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup is a lot like a well executed campaign. It’s fun, flavorful and never the same thing twice. You never know how you’re going to get to the end, but the end should always be satisfying – whether in a bowl of soup or facing off against a lich in some catacomb.

In many ways, Minestrone soup is much like the fabled Stone Soup – only with less chances of cracking a tooth. So while this is a recipe in the technical sense, this is one recipe that calls for trying new things and different ingredients.

When most adventurers think of minestrone soup, the ideas of beans in a tomato broth immediately conjure in the mind but the rest varies from quest to quest and season to season.

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Cook’s Recipe: Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup


A perfect starter for any meal, this soup has become a staple during Thanksgiving dinner in my family. It is so good it has actually replaced pasta as our first course on Thanksgiving (Italian family…don’t ask). Anytime a dish replaces pasta in an Italian household, you know you have something special. The ingredients and directions are incredibly simple, but the soup is anything but. Butternut squash and sweet potato were made for each other and anyone who claims to not like either of these vegetables will certainly be singing a different tune after a bowl of this on a cold November day (I certainly was the first time I had it). It’s simplicity means that it can be made either last minute or a day or two before and isn’t confined merely to turkey day. The soup freezes extremely well so you can make large batches when the butternut squash is more in season and save them for the future. The original recipe this was adapted from called for fresh ginger, added along with the onion, which definitely changes the flavor of the dish, but which I decided overpowered the other vegetables a bit too much.    

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