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Return to Ravnica is fully spoiled!

The last two cards came through at MTGSalvation (where else?).

Rakdos Ringleader 4BR
Creature – Skeleton Warrior (U)
First Strike
Whenever Rakdos Ringleader deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card at random.
B: Regenerate Rakdos Ringleader

Conjured Currency 5U
Enchantment (R)
At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exchange control of Conjured Currency and target permanent you neither own or control.

Now I get to spend tonight organizing the visual spoiler…

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Well, that’s pretty much all of Return to Ravnica spoiled

So while I was at work, MTGSalvation had a field day with spoilers. More specifically, it looks like someone got a box or two early and photographed the whole thing. The end result is only 10 cards remain unknown.

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A new week means new Return to Ravnica spoilers!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, I didn’t (food poisoning is exactly awesome). But this weekend has had a whole mess of spoilers that I missed out on. So now I will play catch up.

From the Mothership:

First up is nerimon, who ate a Magic card with tea. Also, he has a Troy & Abed in the Morning mug so I’m surprisingly okay with it. From MTV comes the newest Rakdos Charm.

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Yeah, I’m 5 minutes late with these Return to Ravnica spoilers

Sources! The first three are from the Mothership. The kickass kill spell is ChannelFireball and the weird mill is CranialInsertion.

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I got a fever and the only prescription is more Return to Ravnica spoilers!

This game needs more Christopher Walken cards. How are you liking Return to Ravnica so far?

From the Mothership:

Wild Beastmaster is now in English! The Chemister comes from LoadingReadyRun and Centuar Healer is from SvenskaMagic.

Here is the complete visual spoiler so far.

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Magic: the Gathering Duel Decks Review: Izzet vs. Golgari

I love the Duel Decks in Magic. It only took Wizards five years to really get into the swing of things. With the new schedule of the fall decks previewing the upcoming big set and the spring ones revisiting planeswalkers from the world before, it’s a great system. But this set is special because it returns us to Ravnica before we, uh, return to Ravnica.

Two Guilds Clash beneath the Streets of Ravnica

The Izzet League, under the ingenious mind of its guildmaster, the dragon Niv-Mizzet, has dabbled, delved, and decoded many mysteries in its insatiable thirst for knowledge. Now the dracomagus seeks to plumb the depths of Ravnica’s undercity. But the Golgari don’t welcome interlopers in their dank, moldy realm.

Under the command of the elvish lich lord Jarad, the Golgari have dwelled in darkness long enough. The Swarm grows restless and its rot farms need fresh corpses. Jarad believes the time is right to teach Niv-Mizzet’s magewrights a lesson: that there is no place for Izzet research in the vicious cycle of life and death.

Suggested ages: 13 and up
Number of players: 2
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 2 decks of 60 cards, two deck boxes, two inserts, two tokens
Retail price: $19.99 at retailers everywhere

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I really should have started thinking of good Return to Ravnica puns

Because I’m completely out of them right now, so onto the cards!

From the Mothership:

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I really want to Return to Ravnica right now because of these spoilers

Are you ready for some Return to Ravnica spoilers? Good, because here you go:

From the Mothership:

The fairy that fills me with blinding rage comes from MTGCast. Growing Ranks is SCG.

Bell-Chime Sphinx 4UU
Creature – Sphinx (R)
Discard two nonland cards with the same name: Draw four cards.

Slime shaping XG
Socery (Uncommon)
Put an X/X green Ooze token into the battlefield.

Martial Law 2WW
Enchantment (R)
At the beginning of your upkeep, detain target creature an opponent controls.

Precinct Captain WW
Creature – Human Soldier (R)
First Strike
Whenever Precinct Captain deals combat damage to a player, put a 1/1 white Soldier creature token onto the battlefield.

PROMO CARDS! Game day:

FNM Special & Buy-a-Box

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Is Return to Ravnica all rares? The spoilers seem to think so.

We are in week two of Return to Ravnica and the hype is palpable! Between the outrageous sealed box costs and preorder prices making me think all of you are crazy (I’m almost ready to buy Tibalt, but if I keep waiting I may save another quarter. Either way, I hope this set has some commons in it.

From the Mothership:

Underworld Connections 1BB
Enchantment – Aura (R)
Enchant Land
Enchanted Land has “T, Pay 1 life: Draw a card.

The demon came from SCG.

Here is the complete spoiler so far.

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Week one of Return to Ravnica spoilers round up!

The first week of Return to Ravnica is rounding up, but holy crap this is amazing! Why don’t we end with some more:

From the Mothership:

The predator was spoiled by the lovely Elaine Chase on Twitter.

Here is the complete spoiler so far.

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