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Top Chef Masters Recap: Drive-Thru Failure

I’m still confused at what Magic Elves are trying to do with the intro-recap at the beginning of each episode, it kind of works but if you just tuned in a minute earlier, you would see it too. But it now means the show is jumping right into challenges. It really makes me realize how much time in Top Chef is wasted with drama and people hanging out in the apartment.

The Quickfire was genius with its forced scarcity of ingredients. The chefs were presented with a table of ingredients, proteins and veggies but everything had a price tag on it. So with only 20 minutes to cook and a single dollar, everyone struggled to craft an appetizer.

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Top Chef Masters Recap: Who isn’t the Biggest Loser?

Top Chef Masters continues its streak of making fake drama out of things that don’t matter and then covering everything with cheese. How else do you explain the Quickfire Challenge of making a dish with cheese in only 12 minutes?

With the owner of the Cheese Store guest judging, Norbert Wabnig (sounds like a wizard’s name to me) was looking for dishes that balanced the cheese and non-cheese elements. Floyd got shot down for making classic Mexican street food of steamed corn on the cob rolled in crème fraiche, cojita cheese and cayenne pepper. Supposedly he went a little too heavy with the pepper, so maybe Hugh helped him dust it? George was also told that his onion and grana padano gratin was too onion-y. Yeah, the dish made of onions had onions in it… big surprise.

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Top Chef Masters Recap: Bugs & Curve Balls Galore

It looks like the Magic Elves realized that people have no idea who anyone is and crafted some new version of the intro that mashes it up a summary of last week’s episode. So not only does no one know who these chefs are, I guess they don’t know what happened last week either. Top Chef Masters: the show for goldfish.

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Top Chef Masters Recap: My Milkshake Brings It 60’s Style

This episode had two things I love and one thing I hate. John Rivera Sedlar – some chef’testant I have no idea which one, dropped out of the competition. So that meant Hugh the salter of scallops returned for a single chance at redemption and I’m left wondering how much ice cream I can eat while nothing actually important happens.

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Top Chef Masters Season 3 Recap: Restaurant Wars Already?

Bravo didn’t want to give anyone a break from Top Chef All-Stars and decided the follow up the reunion with the first episode of Top Chef Masters season 3! I can’t believe this show is already on its third season, but the producers at Magic Elves completely redid the competition. Instead of it being a bracket style tournament where chefs get rated by stars, it’s now identical to Top Chef. So there’s plenty of branding about the different appliances. And everyone is competing for charity, which honestly seems kind of weird because I don’t know who any of these chefs are.

Jumping right into the Quickfire thanks to the ruggedly Australian Curtis Stone, a lot of Chopped got into my Top Chef. Pairing up, the chefs had to make a dish using the mystery ingredient in their box and the person next to them! But the best dish would get $5,000 for their charity and immunity in the elimination round.

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Top Chef All-Stars Finale Recap: A winner is crowned!

If you had told me at the beginning of this season the finale would be Richard Blais (duh) facing off against Mike Isabella, I would have laughed at you. Even Tom Colicchio said he didn’t expect him to come this far. But that’s what happened.

In a very un-Top Chef fashion, the final challenge is simple: make a four course tasting menu in the restaurant of your dreams. But it’s impossible to do that alone, so Padma brought back everyone who had been told to pack their knives to make an amuse bouche and the top three will act as sous chefs. It’s genius since no one knows who made what!

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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: Last Supper of Legends

Well, I don’t think anyone predicted the final three to be these three. Sure, Blais has been a shoe-in since day 1 but Antonia? I mean, maybe top six but a lot of people thought Angelo, Casey and Jenn were going to be in the finale with Richard! And when did Mike Isabella become such a good chef?

The Quickfire was the mother of all Quickfires with special guest judge the original celebrity chef – Wolfgang Puck! The challenge was to pick a previous Quickfire challenge and in round robin fashion, Mike picked for Antonia, who picked for Richard, who picked for Mike. Antonia got thrown into canned goods only, Blais was told to use hot dogs and Mike was given a single pot to make his meal. It’s genius because while everyone is competing against each other, none of them are directly competing with the same ideas.

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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: Consistency & Conch

With only four chef’testants left in the Bahamas battling for the most epic drop of all time – the title of Top Chef, it certainly isn’t the final four I expected. Blais has been a frontrunner this entire season, but Antonia, Tiffany and Mike weren’t anywhere near the top of my list.

Utilizing some fine cross-promotion synergy, the elimination challenge was to be judged by Lorena Garcia of NBC’s food show America’s Next Great Restaurant. The challenge was odd since it was all about consistency. Guys versus girls in a catering plate off where each team needed to make 100 plates identical in one hour and the winner would get $5000.

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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: Gladiatorial Combat & the Human Torch as a Deep Fryer

I’m finally back after two weeks of near non-stop traveling, so big thanks to Tom for covering these recaps! But after last week’s fiasco where this show wasted an hour and fifteen minutes of my life, I’m hoping someone goes down in flames – literally.

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Top Chef All-Stars Recap: Muppets & Mayhem!

Every other time I’ve said it was the best episode of Top Chef, I was wrong. Tonight’s episode was the best because it had both Muppets and Target.

After the demise of Fabio, who definitely went out more like a winner than a loser, the chefs went to the kitchen for the greatest Quickfire EVER. With a Padma making awkward rhymes and possibly being possessed the guest judges were revealed to have been hiding behind the table: Telly Monster, Cookie Monster AND Elmo! Sure, they can’t actually eat but just seeing the chefs interact with Muppets was amazing.

With a guest judge like Cookie Monster, it’s instantly obvious what the challenge had to be: make a cookie!

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