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Nerdy Wizard Rock Music Video: Walk of Shame by Not Literally

In their continued attempt at winning the internet, the lovely ladies Ginny and Dana of Not Literally have sent us their latest music video – the sex-regret filled parody of Sound of Silence. Now, I may be slightly biased and wonder why any pureblood Slytherin would subject herself to spending any time with a Hufflepuff (unless of course she lost something), but this stunningly shot video sheds light on what is really going on at Hogwarts: lots and lots of hooking up.

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Nerdy Music Video: Tale of the Dragonborn

Small children and people who find the work “fuck” offensive should move along now.

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Nerdy Music Video: Firebolt by BYU’s Divine Comedy

The Slytherin part of me didn’t think they were real fans because they only had softcover versions of book 4.

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Weekly Nerdy Music Video: The Browncoats Mixtape

Someone’s gone and made a Firefly┬árap album. From nerd rappers Adam WarRock and Mikal kHill comes “The Browncoats Mixtape,” a rap album in which all the samples are taken from the show’s home-on-the-range strings soundtrack and all the lyrics are about Firefly. I don’t just mean that they’re about freedom and a nomadic lifestyle on the fringes of society. I mean they’re about the crew of Serenity and about smuggling space-goods under the Alliance’s nose. Just call me DJ Captain Tightbeats.

Check it out for yourself in the video above. If you like what you hear, the album is free at Adam WarRock’s website.

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Weekly Nerdy Music Video: World of Warcraft Ruined My Life

Two things: I own that robe. And he’s playing Horde, so going to Ironforge makes no sense.

Anywho, the ALL CAPS are awesome.

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Music Video: Doctor Who – Jizz in My Pants

Guys, stop making music. Nothing can top this, unless MeekaKitty does something awesome (which I fully expect given her track record).

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Short Musical: “Role Initiative”

The short musical “Role Initiative,” originally made for the 2011 Windy City Shootout’s 72 hour film competition. What do you get when you combine Dungeons & Dragons with Once More with Feeling? You get this and it’s awesome and worth the watch.

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Witness the Return of Jonathan Coulton

Everyone’s favorite feral mountain man is back! Jonathan Coulton returns with his first new single off his upcoming eighth album called Artificial Heart . The song is called Nemeses and may or may not have been written about Jesse and me. In fact, until proven otherwise we’re just going to assume it was, so thanks Jonathan Coulton. Artificial Heart is due out sometime this fall.

Drink in the awesome.

Also check out this live performance from 2010 of the same song. It has undergone a few changes in the interim.

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Nerdy Music Video: Tonight (D&D Song)

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Nerdy Music Video: Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die

Excellent piano cover with decent enough lyrics, this isn’t half bad (also I figured I needed to take a break from plugging Meekakitty all the time).

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