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The lovely ladies, Ginny and Dana, of Not Literally have returned with their newest song that has been months in the making – Sorted This Way! A parody of Lady Gaga (it disturbs me that we already had a tag of her), this shows off exceptional production values and almost makes this Slytherin want to change houses – almost.

Either way, who wants to have a Harry Potter dance party? I’ll bring the butterbeer!

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Sorry for starting the week off with this, because nothing will be better than this. Ever. Between Paul & Storm’s excellent harmonies, George R. R. Martin being referred to as a bearded glacier and Vork doing Vork things, I think I have to give Geek & Sundry all my thumbs up.

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Yep, this is pretty much our classic nerdy music video trifecta. Cute girl in glasses? Excellent harmonies? About the Hobbit? I would call that a home run! (Or would that be a triple? I don’t know baseball.)

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Nerdy Music Video: I’m the One That’s Cool

   Posted by: Jesse    in Nerdy Video

Felicia Day’s newest YouTube network, Geek and Sundry, has kicked off with a brand new music video! Written by Jed Whedon and Felicia Day, this song might hit a little too close to home for some of us.

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Nerdy Music Video: Portal 2 The Wheatley Song

   Posted by: Jesse    in Nerdy Video

Remember last week when the This is Aperture song came out? Well, they’re back again with another Nightmare Before Christmas song – this time it’s Wheatley’s take on the Oogie-Boogie Song!

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Nerdy Music Video: The First World Problems Rap

   Posted by: Jesse    in Nerdy Video

I somehow found this sitting in our unposted archives. That doesn’t make it any less good. Seriously.

Perspective guys. Via The Nerdist

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Nerdy Music Video: Portal 2 – This is Aperture

   Posted by: Jesse    in Nerdy Video

What do you get when you combine Portal 2 and “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas? Pure awesomeness.

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The Guild: A Christmas Raid Carol

   Posted by: Jesse    in Nerdy Video

While not the most musically impressive song, I can’t deny that Felicia Day is far too adorable to ignore.

And I don’t miss PUGs at all.

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5 Nerdy Holiday Songs

   Posted by: Rachael    in Nerd Writing

I effing love nerd music.  I effing love Christmas music.  I effing love the confusion on my friends’ faces when holiday wizard rock comes up on my holiday playlist.  There really is not enough nerdy holiday music out there.

Here are a couple of songs to keep you in the spirit of the season while you do your online holiday shopping, participate in a festive WoW raid, or DM your next campaign.

5) Another Christmas Song: Stephen Colbert

All you need to do is look at the Captain America shield in his studio or watch segments like this on his show to know that Stephen Colbert is a huge nerd. In this song from his Christmas special, Colbert breaks down exactly what it takes to write a blockbuster Christmas song.

4) The Way-too-Early Christmas Song: Paul & Storm

Nerd band staple Paul & Storm have a couple Christmas songs in their repertoire. However, their ode to retail’s annual pre-mature jump on the holiday season is especially amusing. “I know you need to satisfy your investors/But couldn’t you wait at least until the Savior’s third trimester?”

3) The Night Santa Went Crazy: Weird Al Yankovic

This nerd holiday classic has all the essentials: silly violence and everyone’s favorite curly-haired accordion player.

2) It’s Snowing: Catchlove

The Harry Potter fandom supplies us with the largest catalog of nerdy holiday songs, there are five entire albums of wizard-themed holiday cheer! Though there are many great wrock songs to choose from, this is one of my favorite holiday songs ever, with or without Harry and his friends.

1) Chiron Beta Prime: Jonathon Coulton

Of course the nerdiest Christmas song I know comes from Jonathon Coulton, feral mountain man and master crooner of all things geeky. The holiday setting Coulton paints may be bleak (gotta watch out for that ammonia scented snow!), but is brimming with cheerful optimism.

There’s loads of nerdy holiday songs I left off this list, let me know your favorites!

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So while the most important question in my mind is “when can I audition?” You should totally listen to this STUNNING a capella arrangement of the Super Smash Brothers theme song. Wow. Just wow.

If you want more, the Video Game Music Choir is currently doing a name-your-price on their album “Sing”. Go pick it up!

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