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Custom Gaming: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zombicide

“It’s quiet.”

“Yeah, a little too quiet.”

The four brothers continued their patrol beneath the streets of the city. It had been days since they last heard from April or Casey, and the Shellcells stopped working at the same time. The normal rumble of the city streets had been replaced with… nothing. Mikey scouted ahead and signaled that the tunnel was all clear.

Raphael finally said what they had all been thinking. “It doesn’t matter what Master Splinter says, we need to go topside.” The four turtles began to climb up the ladder and pushed aside the manhole cover. The stale air was unsettling.

“Dudes, it smells like a sewer up here,” Mikey mumbled while staying on point. A shambling mass moaned and stumbled towards the sound of the turtles. The deep, scratchy call soon echoed around the turtles as the dead began to surround them.

“Please tell me you have an¬†explanation, Donny…” Leo said as he drew his swords.

I absolutely love the game Zombicide. Maybe it’s the combination of tiny plastic toys (which I’m known for having a strong affinity for) or the simple fact that it is a game that allows me to scratch the urge of battling zombies while playing a strategic game. While I enjoy the characters included in Zombicide, the game is just begging for some customization. It doesn’t hurt than Guillotine Games provided blank character sheets either!

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