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Custom Gaming: Zombicide – Marvel’s Avengers

There came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat: the undead.

This is the world of Marvel Zombicide.

The biggest question we got as soon as we finished Zombicide: Gotham City was one we were expecting: when are you doing Marvel? Tom and I thought about it for a while, but it wasn’t until more information about Season 3 came to light that we finally felt like maybe – just maybe – this could actually work. And we got to work designing, concepting and playtesting our newest project: Marvel Zombicide.

First was figuring out what heroes we wanted for Marvel Zombicide. While our general rule of “no metas” still stands, you’ll see that we’ve been able to create some fun dynamic characters that are wholly unique, but don’t destroy the core experience of Zombicide. Using the Marvel Cinematic Universe as our guide, we developed our core roster, and threw in a few others. Because what would Marvel be without a web-head and a savage Canadian?  While we’re almost certainly missing someone’s favorite hero (we know the omission of the Fantastic Four is particularly glaring – but that is an all-or-nothing team), we also made the choice to focus solely on heroes.

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Custom Gaming: Marvel Legendary Schemes 2.0

Marvel Legendary might be our top deck building game right now thanks to Dark City (and what seems like everyone else’s unwillingness to play Ascension against me). The co-op nature made us willing to work together as a team, but the game had an issue that really bothered us: the schemes.

The schemes themselves were well done. They were creative and flavorful and showed how well the game mechanics could be adapted without having to constantly reinvent the wheel with extra cards, like the Scheme Twist cards acting as bonuses, charge counters or stolen items. But the one big issue with the schemes were the designs – all of them looked identical!

So I took a page out of the Magic: the Gathering oversized card playbook and redesigned the cards with new art and a landscape format. Click on any of them for a full-sized, print ready version. They should be 3.5″x5″ when printed.

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Arena Review: Marvel’s Legendary by Upper Deck

As someone who has been playing Magic: the Gathering for close to 20 years, it comes as no surprise that I love card games. One of the few things I’ve done longer than play Magic though is read comics, so when Upper Deck announced that they were making a deck building game with the Marvel license, I was excited.

Suggested ages: 14 and up
Number of players: 1 – 5
Playing time: 45 minutes
Contents: Rulebook, game board and 500 cards (plus 60 dividers)
Retail price: $59.99 and available on

Upper Deck isn’t a brand I usually associate with card games, but if Legendary is any indication of where the company is going, it is a good thing. In the spectrum of deck building card games, Legendary falls between Ascension and Dominion with a dash of Penny-Arcade the Game – sort of. It is a co-op deck builder where you join up a ragtag team of heroes to take down a villain and their lackeys.

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