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Tis’ the Season for Imperial Stout Trooper

It is December 20th, which means a few things. One, Christmas is just around the corner, you’re probably well aware of that. However, the latter portion of December also brings us the annual release of the New England Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout Trooper beer.

Imperial Stout Trooper is a dark full beer with a chocolate/coffee taste. It is, by far, the best chocolate beer I’ve ever had, and while I won’t entirely speak for Jesse, he enjoys it as well. All the worse that this beer only arrives during a two week period in December.

If the name didn’t give it away, it is indeed inspired by Star Wars. Inspired might be a bit of a stretch given that the only relationship to the galaxy far far away is the name and the picture of the storm trooper on the label. Admittedly, this is the first thing that attracted Jesse and me to it.

Finding this beer is almost as hard as waiting the 50 weeks during the year when it isn’t available. It is only available in the New England area, though a liquor store here and there might snag a few bottles. The brewery’s website doesn’t help, neither does their Twitter feed.

Your only choice is to just call up liquor stores in the area and ask around. Some will be kind enough to put you on a list and call you back if they get it in stock. If they don’t do lists, just keep calling back until you get the restraining order in the mail.

Luckily for you, I’ve taken the liberty of crazy calling every liquor store in the tri-state area and I have it on good authority that the beer is on its way, but that it might not actually get released till after Christmas. Puts a bit of a kink in any plans you have on gifting this, but your friends will forgive you if the present arrives a few days later. If not, well then they aren’t your friends, and you can just keep all the beer for yourself. May the Force be with you.

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