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Awesome Videos for you since I couldn’t post last night

Yes, that is an Axe Cop Halloween short. Yes, Axe Cop is voiced by Nick Offerman.

Zelda music? Check. Excellent costume? Check. Cute girl playing on an ocarina? Check.

So enjoy and hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow.

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Nerd Girl Problems: Halloween

Halloween is an awesome holiday.  It’s the one day a year that stuffing your face with candy, heavy drinking, and cosplay are all socially acceptable. However, being a girl means that despite all these amazing pros,  there’s still a lot of social anxiety and annoyances that come with it.

The most stressful pary of Halloween is choosing a costume, and this first world problem is multiplied if you’re a nerd girl.

5 sweeping generalizations about nerd girl problems on Halloween, by me, a nerd girl:

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Recipe: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Three Ways

Panicked, Jack rolled down the street away from the child wielding the silver knife.  The devilish child tackled him and plunged the knife into his orange flesh.  The child stabbed Jack until he had carved a mouth so Jack could scream.  His entire gourd seared with pain as orange guts tumbled out of the his wound.

Um, okay.  So that intro I wrote was a little more horrifying than I anticipated.  I promise, seekers of autumn delights, that there are only delectable treats from here on out.

You finished carving your awesomely nerdy pumpkin (or, if you’re less talented like me, your pumpkin is sporting triangle eyes and a crooked grimace).  Now you have a bowl of gloopy pumpkin guts and seeds.  Or rather, a bowl of deliciousness!

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Mixoligist’s 5 Halloween Cocktails

Between weather that can’t make up its mind and writers who barely have time to devour a fun size Almond Joy as breakfast, we’re completely aware that sometimes planning for a party can be daunting. With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than drinking some of the most disgusting sounding, but delicious tasting, drinks ever!

Black Widow

Heralded as “spooky and sour,” this eight-legged drink is bound to keep your tongue blood red all night. If you’re not a fan of black licorice, red works just as well.

Dirty Eyeball-tini

Clearly what has been missing from the martini all these years are eyeballs. The fantastic look is created using stuffed radishes.

Bloody Brain Shooter

It terrifies that Bailey’s has become popular because of the simple fact that it curdles. But for your inner zombie, here’s a drink that will gross out everyone.

Candy Corn Cordial

Not all drinks are gross because of brains and spiders, some are just packed so full of candy they’re sickeningly sweet.

Blood Drip

Part of me thinks these are way too much work, while the other part of me thinks they look far too cool to pass up. Best served with a Vampire’s Kiss.

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