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Arena Review: Ascension Immortal Heroes

I love Ascension. I honestly don’t think there is any game I play more than it. The combinations of deck building, card drafting and battling all happening simultaneously (and super easy to clean up) makes it my go to game whenever possible. But there is one catch:

No one will really play Ascension with me anymore.

The iOS version of Ascension is my go-to game. Waiting for the bus? Play a game. Riding the bus? Play three games. Sitting in my car waiting to pick someone up? There’s another game. I play a lot. And this means that when I get the chance to play the physical game, my friends quickly grow tired of the competitive battling and prefer more co-operative games. Then I force them to play more.

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Ascension: Immortal Heroes finally has a release date – November 5th!

After what seems like ages, Ascension: Immortal Heroes will finally be available to the public (and not just those lucky people like Josh who picked it up at Gen Con). The release date is now November 5th… which isn’t quite Summer of 2012. But if it isn’t late, it isn’t Gary Games! As a reminder, here is what is included in the set:

  • 164 Cards, Including:
  • 69 New Center Deck Cards
  • 40 Soul Gem Cards
  • 2 Personal Starting Decks, Each containing 8 Apprentice and 2 Militia cards
  • 35 “Always available” cards (1 Cultist, 2 Fanatics, 16 Mystics and 16 Heavy Infantry)
  • 30 Deluxe Honor Tokens
  • Full-Color Rulebook
  • Storage Tray
  • The full press release is after the break.

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    Three Kickstarter projects to consider: SolForge, Drunk Quest & Relic Knights

    There are three Kickstarter projects that are winding down and a worth looking at:

    SolForge is continually ramping up their content with this all-new digital CCG designed by some of the most legendary names from Magic: the Gathering like Richard Garfield, Justin Gary and Brian Kibler! They need a bit over $40,000 to meet their goal as an iOS/Droid release. We’ve talked about it a lot already, but if you enjoy Ascension, you’ll probably enjoy this one. SolForge’s run ends Monday September 10th at 7:07 pm EST.

    Drunk Quest is what happens when you take a game like Munchkin, but tighten the rules and add some extra drinking. A card combat game for three or more players, I was sold as soon as “Brewmaster” was listed as a class. This project is fully funded and the stretch goals are getting nice. While I wish I had the extra cash for the officially marked beer steins, I’m looking forward to sharing drinks and battling an army of drink pun monsters! Drunk Quest ends Friday September 7th at 6:30 pm EST.

    Relic Knights looks absolutely terrifying but also incredibly awesome. Another fully funded project, Relic Knights is being done by the same group that broke Kickstarter in half twice already with Zombicide and Sedition Wars. Relic Knights is a blend of sci-fi action, anime style and miniature combat. They seem to be unlocking content at an alarming pace, but the real kicker is Gabe and Tycho have signed on as well. Relic Knights will be fully funded Sunday September 9th at 9 pm EST.

    All three of these projects are worth looking at. Whether you’re after a party card game, a new and innovative digital card game or some of the most stunning miniatures I’ve ever seen, check them out before it is too late!

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    SolForge Gameplay video from Gen Con! showed off a brief gameplay video of SolForge from Gen Con! With a brief walk through of the game and a few turns, it’s great seeing how well the demo came out. The confirmation that you can have one monster and one structure in the same row is nice too. I can’t wait to find out more.

    For more information on SolForge, check out our interview with Justin Gary and the SolForge Kickstarter page.

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    Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 7

    Ascension Immortal Heroes finally got released this weekend at Gen Con! But a total of three new cards were shown off to round out the previews on the official Ascension Facebook page.

    Hedron Pyromaniac continues the mixed messaging of Mechana doing both power and runes, but the self-destructive take makes for a drastically different play experience over the old method of assembling the great machine. Worst case, this is a Mystic worth double honor for only one extra rune.

    Spider Witch really shows how far Eric Sabee’s art has come since Chronicles of the Godslayer. But as a card, my gut reaction is to compare this to Flytrap Witch. On its own, this card doesn’t do enough for me. With some extra Lifebound heroes, it can work but unless your strategy is honor ramp (or consistent uniting), this is a card you can leave for your opponents.

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    Interview: Justin Gary returns with Ascension: Immortal Heroes, SolForge and more!

    Once again we got the chance to talk to Justin Gary about the future of Gary Games. I started following Justin’s career while reading about his Magic tournament wins in Inquest and have been playing Ascension viciously on my iPhone for months straight now. With the fourth Ascension expansion getting released this week and the recent launch of their Kickstarter campaign for SolForge; to say they are busy is quite an understatement.

    The last time we spoke with Justin, they were gearing up for the the release of Storm of Souls, but in the last year a lot has changed. Justin actually interrupted my best game of Ascension ever when he called, but boy was it worth it!

    Jesse: How’ve you’ve been? I’m assuming very busy with Gen Con, SolForge and Immortal Heroes.

    Justin: Oh yes. It’s been one of the most insane times in my life. Between Ascension, obviously and SolForge is a huge part of the convention plan, plus a few other things we haven’t even talked about yet. We’re certainly keeping busy.

    Jesse: I noticed you guys just broke $100,000 on Kickstarter!

    Justin: That’s right; we had a little celebration this morning. We’ve been having fun showing off the screen shots of our recent build and announcing our newest freebie promotion giveaway. If you pledge at least $25 to the campaign, before the end of Gen Con on August 20th, you’ll get a free starter deck when the game launches. It’s just another incentive for all the people out there we are trying to reach.

    Jesse: We saw that up on Facebook! And I’m assuming the next few update videos will be better than Kibler’s example of using his desktop icons to show how the game works.

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    Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews Week 6

    Last week was the final week of Ascension: Immortal Heroes previews since the expansion is coming out this week with the Gen Con release! Sadly, I won’t be able to go to Gen Con (though that means one less person to compete against in the World Championship). All of the reveals this week came from the official Ascension Facebook page.

    Aaron, the Godslayer
    The original winner of last year’s World Championship, Aaron Sulla, won not only some great prizes but also got immortalized with his own card! Half of Adayu, the Chosen, Aaron shows that Oziah isn’t quite as peerless as he once thought. The ability to kill any creature is a great power that puts him high on the list of need to acquire cards, especially in Immortal Heroes combat-heavy environment.

    I really miss the grand machine design of mechana in the first Ascension block. Repurposer is a solid card, but for seven runes it is expensive to use. In the right deck that focuses on smashing construct after construct, this could be interesting. Then again, P.R.I.M.E. is happy with just about any construct.

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    SolForge is gaining momentum – and some visual mockups!

    A new post over at Forbes has outlined some great new information concerning SolForge. Here are some of the highlights about the basics of the game:

    • There will be four factions on release: Death, Life, Mechanical and Elemental.
    • The “basic” rule: Each turn draw five, play two.  Played cards level up and transform.  Discard everything.  Every four turns, all cards are shuffled back into the deck and the cycle begins again.
    • Combat takes place in five “lanes”.  Creatures and structures are placed into these lanes.  Creatures that fight when the opposing lane is empty will make direct contact with the opponent, causing damage.
    • SolForge will launch on iOS devices and PC, with plans to move to Android and other platforms down the line.

    In addition to some new info, a bunch of new screenshots have been provided – without much in the way of context. The green number above the avatars is life, but the blue is something else.

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    Ascension Immortal Heroes Previews: Week 5

    After the complete madness that was last week, Ascension: Immortal Heroes continues to shape up in interesting ways. Cards are still getting shown off everywhere (including here!) as we get closer and closer to the release at Gen Con!

    From Ascension Official Facebook page:

    With The Great Eclipse shown off, there is only one Event left to be revealed. While the artwork is oddly surreal (and unlike any eclipse I’ve ever seen), the potential of this card is amazing. Chaining Lifebound heroes is dangerous thanks to unite, but the real scariness of this card is the fact it doesn’t say “once per turn.”

    When combined with the Event Trophy, it allows you to acquire any Hero and put them on top of your deck!

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    Gary Games and Dr. Richard Garfield team-up for All-New Digital TCG: Solforge

    Over the last few weeks, Gary Games has been teasing us about the upcoming new game only known as “Solforge.” But today, that all changes with the official announcement that had my jaw drop:

    Gary Games is working with Richard Garfield to make this. How awesome is that?

    Described as a digital card game, Solforge will offer something new and unique that physical games just can’t do: change. Debuting with an innovative shift in the way games are player, Solforge makes transformation a core mechanic which means artwork and powers of cards will change as you play.

    “I’ve been thinking about making an electronic trading card game for about 20 years, and the technology has only just now caught up. And I knew that Justin and Gary Games were the right team to make the game after I played and fell in love with Ascension,” said Dr. Garfield. “I’m really pleased with how SolForge is developing and am very excited about the opportunity for fans to get involved in this development phase through Kickstarter.”

    Keep reading for the full press release and a collection of artwork from the upcoming game.

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