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Judge Emeril? A Texas Three-Step? New Top Chef 9 Details Emerge

In the last calendar year, we’ve had almost 40 weeks of Top Chef programming on Bravo. Split between Just Desserts, Top Chef 7, Top Chef All-Stars and Masters there were only a few Wednesdays where you couldn’t find someone packing up their knives and going. Since Masters took its final bow a few months ago the waters have been quiet. Mercifully so, as I’m quite sure that Jesse would have gone insane if he had to breakdown one more quickfire challenge.

Whatever the reason, our respite seems to be coming to an end. Just Desserts 2 is two weeks away and though there haven’t been any concrete details, Top Chef 9 was certainly coming at some point. Well now we have a few details and they are juicy to say the least.

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