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Custom Gaming: Zombicide – Marvel’s Avengers

There came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat: the undead.

This is the world of Marvel Zombicide.

The biggest question we got as soon as we finished Zombicide: Gotham City was one we were expecting: when are you doing Marvel? Tom and I thought about it for a while, but it wasn’t until more information about Season 3 came to light that we finally felt like maybe – just maybe – this could actually work. And we got to work designing, concepting and playtesting our newest project: Marvel Zombicide.

First was figuring out what heroes we wanted for Marvel Zombicide. While our general rule of “no metas” still stands, you’ll see that we’ve been able to create some fun dynamic characters that are wholly unique, but don’t destroy the core experience of Zombicide. Using the Marvel Cinematic Universe as our guide, we developed our core roster, and threw in a few others. Because what would Marvel be without a web-head and a savage Canadian? ¬†While we’re almost certainly missing someone’s favorite hero (we know the omission of the Fantastic Four is particularly glaring – but that is an all-or-nothing team), we also made the choice to focus solely on heroes.

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Custom Gaming: Batman Zombicide

Since posting this, we have revisited Gotham City for Zombicide and have updated this character. To see the new Batman, with revised rules, visit Zombicide: Gotham City.

The streets of Gotham have become overrun with a new menance. Gone are the Joker and his goons, but this new plague would make Black Mask shudder.

But they forget one thing. This is my city.

And I will do anything to protect her. I am the Dark Knight.

After the success of my last foray into customizing Zombicide, this weekend was spent playing Zombicide with a group of friends who had never gotten to play it. The biggest enjoyment people got was from the various thinly-veiled parodies that each character represented and they wanted more.

Originally the plan was to do an entire Justice League or an assortment of Batman’s rogue gallery – if anything would bring Batman and the Joker together, it would be the zombie apocalypse. But then I started designing Batman’s card and he’s a complicated (and awesome) hero.

So here is the Dark Knight himself:

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Custom Gaming: Parks & Recreation Arkham Horror

Today may be Halloween and while I was tempted to go very spooky-scary, I went the other direction of the NBC Thursday night lineup (and not Community) – Parks & Recreation! Months ago we teased Jean-Ralphio on Facebook, and now here are three more. Are these tested? Nope! Will they work? Probably not! Want some actual insight into Arkham Horror – check out our review of every single expansion. To the cards!

I still think Jean-Ralphio is my favorite, only because I don’t know how Ron Swanson would react to C’thulhu waking from his slumber. I assume he would punch him. Repeatedly.

For America.

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Custom Gaming: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Zombicide

“It’s quiet.”

“Yeah, a little too quiet.”

The four brothers continued their patrol beneath the streets of the city. It had been days since they last heard from April or Casey, and the Shellcells stopped working at the same time. The normal rumble of the city streets had been replaced with… nothing. Mikey scouted ahead and signaled that the tunnel was all clear.

Raphael finally said what they had all been thinking. “It doesn’t matter what Master Splinter says, we need to go topside.” The four turtles began to climb up the ladder and pushed aside the manhole cover. The stale air was unsettling.

“Dudes, it smells like a sewer up here,” Mikey mumbled while staying on point. A shambling mass moaned and stumbled towards the sound of the turtles. The deep, scratchy call soon echoed around the turtles as the dead began to surround them.

“Please tell me you have an¬†explanation, Donny…” Leo said as he drew his swords.

I absolutely love the game Zombicide. Maybe it’s the combination of tiny plastic toys (which I’m known for having a strong affinity for) or the simple fact that it is a game that allows me to scratch the urge of battling zombies while playing a strategic game. While I enjoy the characters included in Zombicide, the game is just begging for some customization. It doesn’t hurt than Guillotine Games provided blank character sheets either!

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Deckmaster Theory: Lord of the Rings

Every holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years, I re-watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions of course). For years, I dabbled heavily in creating custom Magic: the Gathering cards around what I have dubbed the “Deckmaster Theory.”

The basic premise is that the mechanics of Magic: the Gathering can be used as a framework for any game, much like how Munchkin uses similar rules that are comparable across multiple games. So here are the fellowship:

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