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Cryomancer & Mixologist Recipe: Coffee Stout Milkshake, an unlikely alliance

Lunging at one another, the Mixologist chucked a flaming flask while the Cryomancer countered with a heaping avalanche of ice. But they both realized too late that their attacks were just going to counter each other. What they didn’t realize at the time was how delicious the outcome would be.

Two weeks ago, Tom came up to visit and finally managed to smuggle a bottle of the exceptionally rare Imperial Stout Trooper. To call it an excellent beer would be an understatement, but the beer originally debuted in late winter, so it isn’t exactly designed for the late spring/early summer pallet. But not one to let it go to waste, I knew the best way to drink it was by adding two things: more alcohol and ice cream.

The end result is a concoction that would make both the cryomancer and mixologist proud to clink tankards on a warm day.

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Cryomancer’s Review: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy Pint

Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor offerings have finally started appearing on shelves. While I now get most of my frozen concoctions from Abbot’s down the block, there is something so exceptionally satisfying about a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Add in the fact that the weather has been absurd lately, I never seem to know if tomorrow is going to be 80 or 55 outside!

Oh, the drama!  This scoop shop-only concoction has gotten so popular, folksfrom all over have implored us to make more Chocolate Therapy more accessible everywhere.  Now, when you’re looking to treat yourself to some primal s’cream therapy of the sublimest chocolate kind, you’ll find it’s all kinds of available: over-the-counter in scoop shops and behind freezer doorsin stores.  So get a grip (on your sopoon, sill!) and …Enjoy!

It’s hard to beat the classic chocolate ice cream. But the idea of an ice cream that is too chocolatey seems almost absurd. The newest flavor for this season, Chocolate Therapy, seems content on pushing the boundary of what chocolatey means.

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Cryomancer’s Review: Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Pint

When I’m on the road and stuck in a hotel for a week, I always make sure to pick up a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s to devour as I work my way through my Netflix Watch Instantly Queue. But after watching the first episode of Sherlock and munching on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s latest offerings, I think I reached something akin to nirvana.

Chocolate & Irish coffee liqueur ice creams with a chocolate cookie swirl.

When Vermont’s early spring weather brings us Mud Season, we make Mud Pie. An exquisite mix of creamy coffee liqueur and chocolate ice creams with a uniquely sedimentary swirl of chocolate cookie crumbles, it’s quite possible the most luscious mud you’ll ever love getting stuck in. Here’s mud in your eye!

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Cryomancer’s Recipe: Vanilla Frozen Custard

Hundrog’s wrought iron scoop-staff feel to the ground with a deafening clang. The Ferret Post finally arrived with his latest order – a golden egg of the elder Roc! A true piece of beauty, Hundrog cracked the large egg into his stone bowl and quickly realized his eyes were bigger than his massive stomach. He was going to need a lot more cream before turning this into custard.

The big difference between ice cream and frozen custard is the amount of air in it. Ice cream constantly has new air added in, allowing it to double in size before being done. Custard on the other hand avoids being whipped and ends up being much denser – and creamier. Traditionally, ice cream was not made with eggs while frozen custard was. Nowadays though, both are made with eggs usually but the difference is how many eggs.

After tasting the frozen ambrosia at Abbott’s Frozen Custard, I knew I had to try making my own. Mine still isn’t as good as theirs.

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Cryomancer’s Recipe: Chocolate Butterfinger Ice Cream

Hundrog’s nostrils flared as his cold eyes scoured the desolate landscape for anything he could scavenge. The fragmented campsite had been picked over by the Nolorth clan, but under a snowdrift an untouched box remained. Hunching over the frozen vessel, the Cryomancer pried it from the permafrost and the golden treasure was reveal: frozen peanut brittle. Sheathing his scoop, Hundrog smiled.

Last week, I was doing my regular shopping and discovered a large box of candy bars at Target that had been discounted for no apparent reason. But when full size candy bars are only a quarter a piece, I knew they were worth grabbing. But I had no use for the candy.

Then it got hot. Living in New England means we only have two seasons: winter and summer. Last week marked the end of 40 degree nights and now it’s in the 80s, toss in the fact that I ran out of Ben & Jerry’s pints weeks ago, I knew it was time to bust out my ice cream maker.

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Cryomancer Review: Ben & Jerry’s Volun-Tiramisu

Move over Americone Dream and Late Night Snack, you’ve been supplanted as the best ice cream flavor Ben & Jerry’s makes. Because while wandering a Target while traveling for business, I knew I couldn’t buy any toys because I would have to fly back with them but I could buy some ice cream and grabbed a pint of the Volun-Tiramisu.

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Cyromancer’s Review: Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

I’m often left disappointed by Red Velvet Cake simply because I actually have standards for what Red Velvet should look and taste like. But most importantly, it’s about taste and texture. So when Ben and Jerry’s introduced their Red Velvet Cake ice cream, I knew I would have to try it.

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Cryomancer Review: Ben & Jerry’s Clusterfluff

I don’t gush about every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. I despise Chunky Monkey more than is healthy, but that stems from my utter disdain for bananas. So when I was grabbing pints labeled new, one in particular caught my eye – Clusterfluff. Growing up in Maine, my nana and papa always seemed to have a jar or two of Fluff in the cabinet so this flavor definitely struck a chord with me in the ice cream aisle.

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Cryomancer Review: Ben & Jerry’s Bonnaroo Buzz

My all-time favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s was From Russia with Buzz. A blend of the now in the graveyard White Russian and the still in Scoop Shops caffeinated classis Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, it was delicious but I think I have finally found an ice cream worthy of being its successor.

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Cryomancer Review: Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack

When I was younger my brother dared me to eat a bowl of salt in exchange for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I did it. It was awful. When you eat that much salt, you can’t even taste sugar. So cream tastes like butter and caramel just tastes burnt. It makes for the worst tasting ice cream ever. This ice cream though isn’t anything like that, it’s like heaven in your mouth.

Evidently Jimmy Fallon is doing everything he can to get people to know that he likes food. He managed to get Top Chef All-Stars to cater his birthday dinner and now he’s managed to finagle Ben & Jerry’s into giving him his own ice cream flavor! The whole thing was super secret according to So Good, but before the flavor could officially be announced, it was found in stores. Whoops!

Onto the frozen treat itself!

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