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Cook’s Recipe: Chicken Marsala

The Verdanthaven elves were renowned for their hidden vineyards deep beneath the harvest fields. But being able to partake in their legendary feast was an offer Adem couldn’t refuse. The aromas wafting from the kitchen enveloped his remaining senses as he felt his way to the table. With the blindfold finally removed, he gazed upon the fowl braised with the two finest crops of the elves: wine and mushrooms.

The number of times the cook and mixologist cross paths is far more common than you’d think. Sure, the baker is always swiping bottles off the shelf to make something new, but wine and vodka are essential tools in the cook’s arsenal – and not just for getting drunk! Chicken Marsala is a rich wine and butter reduction with sauteed chicken breasts that is easily one of my favorite dishes.

What really bothers me is how many people take the easy way out and just make it using canned soup or other shortcuts. The whole meal is only nine ingredients – five of which you probably already have in your pantry at least! Add in some wine, some onion, mushrooms and chicken and you’ve got a fantastic meal that’s quick to make too.

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Cook’s Recipe: Lentil Soup

“Not everything needs meat to be delicious,” Nievah spat across the table at the grimmacing Thaxus. Throwing up his hands in frustration, Thaxus conjured up spoon and forced himself to try a bite of this supposed “soup” the high priestess kept pushing on him.

“I hate it when you’re right,” Thaxus slurped before reaching for another chunk of bread.

Believe it or not, food really can be satisfying and filling without involving a large steak or a whole chicken. Given how much time I spend with vegetarians, it’s started to sneak into my own cooking. So whether you’re looking for a cheap soup to make on a whim or are trying to impress the cute vegetarian across the hall, this recipe just calls for some extra time but it is worth it.

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Cook’s Recipe: Steampunk Pork Dumplings

The flock of dirgibles soared overhead as Thaxus adjusted his cracked goggles. Surviving a fall from that height was impressive in its own right, but trying to find a way to get back up there was going to be an issue. Thinking of his plan to return to the sky, Thaxus limped through the local market and found just the thing to restore his strength: dumplings.

Two weeks ago, Tom and I ventured to Steampunk City with a group of friends. Like any time when Tom and I are together, we ended up spending a while discussing what exactly would be steampunk food. Is it simply Victorian era cuisine or is it based around the air explorers? The longer I thought about it, the more I began to think that food would be created as a byproduct of an abundance of thermal energy in the form of steam. So my idea is that a majority of the food is cooked but the maximum temperature may be that of boiling water – 212 degrees F (100 C). It’s a minor change, but completely alters how food is prepared.

But the longer we talked about steam and food, the more and more I really wanted to make some dumplings. And not the American kind of biscuit dough steamed in a stew, the Asian kind that’s stuffed with meat. So I threw caution into the wind and said to myself, I’m going to make some!

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Cook’s Recipe: Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup is a lot like a well executed campaign. It’s fun, flavorful and never the same thing twice. You never know how you’re going to get to the end, but the end should always be satisfying – whether in a bowl of soup or facing off against a lich in some catacomb.

In many ways, Minestrone soup is much like the fabled Stone Soup – only with less chances of cracking a tooth. So while this is a recipe in the technical sense, this is one recipe that calls for trying new things and different ingredients.

When most adventurers think of minestrone soup, the ideas of beans in a tomato broth immediately conjure in the mind but the rest varies from quest to quest and season to season.

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Cook’s Recipe: Warcraft Crispy Bat Wings

Slaughtering bats in Tirisfal Glades works up quite the hunger. Any Undead member knows that (unless you happen to be missing your jaw). So while on Earth we don’t have the giant sized bats, we have to make due with chickens – still delicious! These crispy wings are glazed in a jerk sauce that’s both sweet and spicy.

For Alliance wusses who want their food healthier, these can be baked but lack some of the crispiness.

Crispy Bat Wing
Item Level 7
Use: Restores 61.2 health over 18 sec. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 2 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min.
Sell Price: 10 copper

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Cook’s Recipe: Beer Steamed Mussels

Any coastal adventurer knows the allure of these delicious clams, but unlike most clams you don’t have to spend hours raking in the mud to collect enough of them! When traveling with a brewmaster, this is a great recipe that pairs up the skills. A party of a cook, baker and brewmaster can quickly produce a fantastic table of food – either as an appetizer to share before a raid or a light meal in the middle of a long journey.

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Firefly Recipe: “Good Dog” Teriyaki

It’s a cheap joke at the beginning of the pilot episode of Firefly when the crew of Serenity lands explores the market on Persepolis and there’s a sign that says “GOOD DOG.” Of course, then the camera pans and you see a guy grilling meat. But food is food, and since I’m feeling generous this recipe won’t include dog.

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Firefly Recipe: Shepherd Book’s Fried Tomatoes

Recipes based off fantasy and science fiction aren’t anything new, but more often than not, many recipes leave a lot to be desired (No one really wants to eat Spoo, right?). But some places in the ‘Verse make better food than others. So I’ve taken a page from Shepherd Book and am starting off the Firefly & Serenity Recipes!

First up is Shepherd Book’s fried tomatoes as first seen in the episode Serenity. Little more than tomatoes and a few spices, this dish takes inspiration from classic Italian seasonings from Earth-that-Was. It works great as a side, but overcooking the tomatoes can make it a challenge to eat with chopsticks.

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Cook’s Recipe: Sweet & Sour Pork with Cashew & Coconut Rice

I wish I had a wok for this adventure, it would have made life a lot easier. Instead, I powered on ahead with a dish that even surprised me.

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Cook’s Recipe: Tacos

There are always shortcuts, both in life and in game, but rarely do they work out in your favor. Some shortcuts work in very specific circumstances, like garlic powder when you’re trying to avoid big chunks of garlic in a dish. But when I activate my chef spec, completely with legendary cast iron pan, there is one shortcut I utterly despise: the taco seasoning packet.

An abomination of flavor that is hilariously overpriced, the taco seasoning packets mock are a scourge to chefs! Save your gold for something useful – like stacks upon stacks of Mageweave cloth in the auction house! But this is a recipe for tacos but the seasoning can be used for many Texmex inspired dishes.

Texmex is a mythical place that evokes the idea of “Southwestern.” My flavors tend to have more depth than the Abomination Bell.

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