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Financial Analysis & Speculation – From the Vault: Legends

With From the Vault: Legends being revealed last week the question on everyone’s mind was simple: is it worth it? Historically, From the Vault sets have been difficult to find and even more of a challenge to get at the MSRP of $35. Currently, the last three From the Vault sets are available at Star City Games for $99.99. At nearly three-times the mark up, they don’t seem to be moving.

With fifteen cards released in brand new, shiny goodness, the question still remains: is the set worth it? Will this be the set that finally makes From the Vault sets obtainable? Probably not.

Note: All prices listed were compiled 8/16/11 from MagicCards.Info pricing based on median prices, not the high/low. All assume a near mint quality and for foil prices, I went with the lowest offering unless it seemed like a statistical outlier. Also, all prices have been rounded to the nearest half dollar to make it easier. In the event of a card not being available on MagicCards.Info, source will be provided. Sun Quan, Lord of Wu and Cao Cao, Lord of Wey have never been printed in foil before.

From the Vault: Legends Non-Foil Foil
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir $     4.50 $   15.00
Kresh the Bloodbraided $     1.00 $    5.00
Progenitus $   15.00 $   40.00
Doran the Siege Tower $     3.00 $   15.00
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker $     9.00 $   50.00
Sun Quan, Lord of Wu $   35.00 NA
Cao Cao, Lord of Wey $   20.00 NA
Captain Sisay $     3.00 $   30.00
Omnath, Locus of Mana $     3.50 $    9.00
Oona, Queen of the Fae $     5.00 $   25.00
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre $   11.50 $   25.00
Visara the Dreadful $     5.50 $   15.00
Rafiq of the Many $     5.00 $  17.00
Sharuum the Hegemon $     2.50 $  20.00
Mikaeus, the Lunarch NA NA
Total Values $123.50 $266.00

Now, by going off basic math and known values of cards, From the Vault: Legends automatically looks to be worth at least $123.50, and that is omitting Mikaeus, the Lunarch entirely. It would be foolish to assume the set will be worth the full value of the foil singles, but looking at the past sets can give more information about what this set will be worth.

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