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Gatecrash Casual & Commander Review: Boros Legion

One of my favorite cards in Magic is Boros: Lightning Helix. I love Lightning Bolt and Armadillo Cloak was one of my favorite spells too. So when it comes to Magic, I feel right at home in the aggressive style of Boros.

Weenie decks are difficult in multiplayer formats. The traditional system of applying pressure and keeping it on doesn’t exactly work when you’re facing off against 60 or 80 points of life. And RDW faces the same issue. You might burn out one player and maybe half of another before getting crushed into the ground.

Amazingly, Boros manages to avoid both of these pitfalls.

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Boros Elite

I love when I say things and then immediately get proven wrong. Boros Elite is an interesting variant of the Savannah Lions archetype in white weenie. But weenies aren’t always the best. As far as batalion goes, it’s a nice mechanic that encourages attacking – which is a great way to break stalemates. Sadly, you can’t do crazy tricks but putting creatures onto the battlefield tapped and attacking …usually.

Daring Skyjek

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I found Blade of the Sixth Pride to be interesting, and for an aggressive deck, this is a fine two-drop. The biggest issue is it doesn’t do enough late game.

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