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Arena Review: Ascension Rise of Vigil


Since it debuted, Ascension has quickly become one of my favorite games. It perfectly hits the balance of a card game and Magic, with just enough resource management to make me constantly want more. So when Ascension Online was announced, I backed it without a second thought – especially since it included a physical copy of the newest expansion: Rise of Vigil.

Suggested Ages: 13+
Suggested Players: 2 to 4 players (5-6 players when combined with any other Ascension)
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 259 cards, 50 honor tokens, gameboard, full-color rulebook, storage tray
Retail price: $39.99 available at

Between the two core sets and two expansions, Stone Blade Entertainment has really begun experimenting with the core of Ascension. The same basic game principles are there: using runes and power, you fight monsters and acquire new heroes. But there is a twist: there is a new resource, called Treasure.

Want to win a copy of Rise of Vigil? Well, we’re giving two sets away along with some other great prizes!

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Arena Review: Ascension Immortal Heroes

I love Ascension. I honestly don’t think there is any game I play more than it. The combinations of deck building, card drafting and battling all happening simultaneously (and super easy to clean up) makes it my go to game whenever possible. But there is one catch:

No one will really play Ascension with me anymore.

The iOS version of Ascension is my go-to game. Waiting for the bus? Play a game. Riding the bus? Play three games. Sitting in my car waiting to pick someone up? There’s another game. I play a lot. And this means that when I get the chance to play the physical game, my friends quickly grow tired of the competitive battling and prefer more co-operative games. Then I force them to play more.

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Arena Review: Ascension Leprechaun Promo Pack

With St. Patrick’s Day occurring this week, I finally have a real excuse to bust out the Ascension Leprechaun pack! This small expansion is similar to the Rat King, but instead of changing monsters to combat, it changes how runes are spent.

Recruit a Leprechaun to help you horde the gold, and get rewarded for getting as many Pots of Gold as you can! Leprechaun also lets players steal gold from other players, so keep on the lookout for other players taking advantage of the little folk to steal your gold!

Suggested Ages: 13+
Suggested Players: 1 to 6 players (Requires at least one Ascension game to play)
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 3 Leprechaun cards, 9 Pot of Gold cards
Retail price: $4.99 at Ascension Games

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Arena Review: Ascension Year 1 Promo Pack

For the last few months, I was actively trying to track down the last few cards for my Ascension game. A handful of the promotional cards were a challenge to track down at anything resembling a normal price, but then Gary Games went ahead and released all of last year’s promo cards in a single pack!

Suggested Ages: 13+
Contents: 9 cards
Retail price: $8.99 and available exclusively at

Nine cards in total, this little booster is a touch on the pricey side for what you actually get but half the price of buying the cards individually. Plus, some of these heroes were getting close to $20 a pop on the secondary market which really makes this pack a great deal. Unlike regular Ascension cards, the promos allow Gary Games to get more creative with the game and do things they might no otherwise do.

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Arena Review: Ascenion iOS

After getting my tax return this year, I bit the bullet and got myself an iPad 2. But I got the iPad for a single reason: to play games. It really came down to finally upgrading my original Nintendo DS Fat or getting myself an iPad, and I went with the system that would let me play all the Ascension I wanted (and read comics).

If you’re unfamiliar with the game Ascension, it is a card game created by the former professional Magic player, Justin Gary. A card game that is essentially a cross between Magic and Dominion, you draft your deck while playing the game. For a complete rundown of the game, check out our reviews on both Chronicle of the Godslayer and Return of the Fallen as this review will also cover both of those games.

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Game Review: Ascension Storm of Souls

After playing so much Ascension that my hands actually started hurting from shuffling so much, it comes as no surprise how eager I was to get my hands on the first standalone expansion – especially after getting the chance to speak with Justin Gary about it before its release. Well the long wait is finally over and after spending the holiday playing the latest version of Ascension I can say that Storm of Souls is better than the original in every way.

Samael is defeated, but the world of Vigil has been left in turmoil in his wake. In Storm of Souls, players will see different factions rise to prominence with the new Event cards, and have powerful new Trophy Monsters to hunt! In addition to the brand-new mechanics, players will also see powerful new takes on popular mechanics from past Ascension releases.

Suggested Ages: 13+
Suggested Players: 1 to 4 players (5-6 players when combined with Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer)
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 200 cards, 50 honor tokens, full-color rulebook, game board, storage tray
Retail price: $39.99 available at Amazon or Ascension Game

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Game Review: Ascension Rat King Promo Pack

If you’re a child of the mid-80s, the odds are good that when you hear Rat King, you immediately think of the Ninja Turtle anti-hero/villain. If you’re a history buff, you might think of the legendary rat king which is disgusting. But from now on, Rat King has taken a whole new meaning for me in the game Ascension.

Ever felt like the Cultist needed some help taking care of those bullies who keep picking on him? Now he has it! The Rat King adds a whole new dimension to Monsters in Ascension! While up until now Monsters have only impacted the game by providing a reward to the player who defeats them, the Rat King leads his hordes of Giant Rat minions to swarm all over the center row and wreak havoc on the best laid plans. Unlike the rest of the Monsters in Ascension, the Rat King’s Giant Rat minions aren’t shuffled into the center deck, but are rather set aside to lay in wait until their master shows up.

Suggested Ages: 13+
Suggested Players: 1 to 6 players (Requires at least Chronicle of the Godslayer or Return of the Fallen)
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 2 Rat King cards, 10 Giant Rat cards
Retail price: $5.00 on eBay from Board Game Geek

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Game Review: Ascension: Return of the Fallen

After picking up Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, I knew there had to be more to the game and immediately grabbed the first expansion – Return of the Fallen! An assortment of new cards that works as both a two-player stand alone game or a way to buff your existing Ascension experience up to six players, this isn’t something I often say but, if you like Ascension then Return of the Fallen is a must buy.

Samael the Fallen God has returned in his true form, and is intent on obliterating your world. Will you be able to overcome monstrous obstacles and assemble a mighty army to end Samael’s reign once and for all?

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Game Review: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Having celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, I ended up with far more games then I expected. Remind me next year to ask for a shelf to store them all on, because I don’t know how many more games my roommate will let me keep under the coffee table in the living room.

But all these different gifts means I’ve got lots of new games to learn, and I was really planning on learning them all except Tom and I ended up getting hooked on one game: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.

It is the Age of Man, a time without gods or magic. After a thousand years of peace and prosperity, the barrier that separates your world from the multiverse has been broken, and demonic forces threaten to destroy your home.  But not all hope is lost: the benevolent gods of the Old Realms have also returned, bringing with them mighty heroes and powerful constructs that are yours to command. Only through your courage and leadership can the forces of light fight off the incoming hordes. Only by defeating the Fallen One can you save your world. Let the Ascension begin!

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