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Armory Review: Fred & Friends Polluted Glasses

Over the years, I’ve accumulated an eccentric assortment of glassware. It seems to be the standard fallback gift for me (besides LEGO sets). So over the holidays one of my friends got me a set of glasses that is absolutely toxic.

Roll out the barrel and you’ll have a barrel of fun. There’s no better way to get wasted than our Polluted glasses and your favorite brand of poison. Totally intoxicating.

Like most of Fred’s products, the Polluted Glasses are a perfect gift for the person who won’t grow up (not for actual children). Shaped like toxic waste barrels and etched with a radiation symbol, I can’t guarantee drinking out of these will give you super powers, but it can’t hurt. Each glass is 10 ounces, making them a smidge too small for a bottle of beer but fine for a mixed drink.

But there are two issues I see with the glasses. First, they are thin. I’ve grown accustomed to drinking out of hearty pint glasses lately and find myself concerned about how fragile these are. They are also hand wash only, but that’s just me being lazy.

A toxic themed drink recipe is included as well, giving you a neon green that is disgustingly fun (and guys, if you really like appletinis, you can drink them out of these without any ridicule). I really like these glasses, but oddly, I find myself wishing they were made of plastic.

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Armory Review: Robocup Measuring Cups

My assortment of kitchen utensils keeps getting weirder and weirder. What started with just some nerdy mugs blossomed into fine items like Pastasaurus and Mix Stix – it makes my kitchen look like someone stapled together Think Geek and Williams-Sonoma catalogs. It also means I own a lot of weird stuff that looks cool.

The Robocup Measuring Cups by Kikkerland sound like a great idea. It is four plastic measuring cups (quarter, third, half and one) that stack up to form a 50s-looking robot. Robocup looks great all stacked together on my shelf, but there is more to measuring cups then just how they look.

Made up of ABS plastic, Robocup is a solid construct – too solid for my liking. The oddly shaped pieces mean actual measuring isn’t the easiest. The awkwardly sharp angles make for items that just aren’t that useable – measuring cups have handles for a reason! If Robocup was made of a softer, more flexible rubber, he would work a lot better. At least it’s dishwasher safe!

While I don’t see myself using Robocup very often (I’m sticking with my beaten set that originally belonged to my grandmother), there’s no denying how cute the guy is. If you have a kid who wants to help out with baking (or you’re trying to find a way to get the kid to be interested in helping), these cups are a fun way to do that.

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Armory Review: Magical d20 of Destiny


I’ve talked before about how hard it can be to get a friend something game related. Sure, I usually know it’s a safe bet to get Bruce any boosters of the latest Magic set whenever a gift giving occasion rolls around but then it comes to finding the right present that is just off the wall enough, it can certainly be a challenge. Especially since not everyone is going to like elf ear jewelry.

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Armory Review: Critical Hit LED D20 Die

It’s hard to shop for a nerd sometimes. If you’re anything like me, odds are good you buy most things you actually want the day of release. New Magic set comes out? Yeah, I’ve already preordered it. New Batman themed LEGO sets? I grabbed those the day of release too. So when it comes to buying an odd gift for someone who seems to have everything, sometimes weirder is better.

So when you know someone adores Dungeons & Dragons, it can become a mess figuring out what to get them. Do they play 3.5 or 4? Do they DM or not? So the best way out, in my experience, is getting them a solid accessory. Dice bags are great, but one can never have enough dice to fill them with!

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Armory Review: Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

I’ve always loved the odd and off the wall approach to kitchen tools that Fred has. The Mix Sticks and Pastasaurus have been staples in my kitchen for years, so it came as no surprise that I fell in love with the Ninjabread Men cookie cutters.

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