The “Rule of Three”:

Each destination will have been visited at least three times by the reviewer if not more. This is to establish a baseline average with regard to service and atmosphere most especially. Multiple visits allow us to remove outliers from the experience, such as a waiter having a bad evening. It also allows for more of the menu to be sampled and to gauge the atmosphere of the restaurant at various times during periods of the day or week. Exceptions to this rule may occur when bars, food trucks, or other similar venues are reviewed. With regard to bars, food is usually not really a big portion of the experience and with the exception of true micro-breweries, alcohol tends to be the same across the board. With food trucks and other establishments lacking in a permanent location, some of the necessities of repeat visits no longer apply.

Below is a list of all our restaurant and bar reviews.

Restaurant Reviews:

Jacob Wirth’s (Boston, MA)

The Traveler Restaurant (Union, CT)

Bar Reviews:

Barcade (Brooklyn, New York)

The Frying Pan (New York City)