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Chef’s Recipe: Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese

Adem’s gnarled staff fell to the ground with a resounding thunk. Eying the feast before him, his mouth nearly curled in upon itself in smile.

“How did you combine my two favorite things?” Was all her asked before running ahead of the group.

Growing up in Maine means I eat a lot of lobster. I know that sounds elitist, but when prices get so low it is cheaper to buy lobster instead of chicken, you end up getting it. But when it is so cheap, it often gets boring to eat steamed lobster after steamed lobster so I tend to fallback onto one of my favorites: Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese.

The secret to making smooth, velvety cheese sauce isn’t using a shelf stable mixture like Velveeta, it’s about harnessing heat to your control. Once you’ve made the base for your sauce, you should remove it from the heat entirely before mixing in the cheeses.

But the best part about this recipe is how pretentious you can make it sound thanks to throwing around terms like roux, mornay, and béchamel!

And for people who don’t like lobster, you can easily omit it and make an excellent regular mac n cheese as well!

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Drinking is Coming: Game of Thrones Inspired Cocktails

To say that we’re horribly jealous of the girls over at Inn at the Crossroads would be the biggest understatement. With their phenomenal book, A Feast of Ice and Fire, they’ve become the greatest culinary experts on Game of Thrones inspired cooking – surpassing even Tom Colicchio! But I’ve got to say, while I love their recipes (over 200 of them), sometimes you don’t want to eat – you want to drink.

Mulled wine is delicious but hardly in season year around, so Tom and I tasked ourselves with crafting a series of drinks inline with our other attempts to remind everyone that winter may be coming, but you should cool off while the summer still lasts. Unlike most of our drinks though, many of these manage to have non-alcoholic varieties as well. Just omit the alcohol.

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Cook’s Recipe: Bleu Cheese Potato Crisps

Thaxus began shoveling another serving of this delicacy onto his plate from the heaping mountain in front of him. Four times now, the servants kept trying to take it away from him and every time, he violently refused.

I first had this dish while traveling and immediately fell in love with the delicious combination of fresh, crispy chips and smooth bleu cheese sauce. Yes, this is completely excessive and indulgent but it is beyond delicious. There is something special about making your own potato chips, and then smothering them in bleu cheese.

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Cook’s Recipe: Lemon & Basil Pasta Salad with Grilled Shrimp

Bertram Grimm sighed softly as he walked through the garden. This was always Andrea’s specialty. He hadn’t known it at the time, but now he could see that her penchant for cultivating such a diverse array of flora may have been partially due to latent magic. That didn’t matter now, and despite all of his attempts, he’d only been successful at keeping a few select herbs alive long enough for them to bear results.

He frowned for a moment at the basil plant, which had taken over much of the space, uncertain what to do. Taking out his pocket watch, he noted the time, then being sure no one could see over the fence, muttered a small incantation and pointed at the plant. Invisible tendrils of force swept over the plant and several basil leaves were snipped and as if carried on a soft breeze, landed gently in a bowl beside the planter.

Grimm laughed a bit as he retrieved bowl to go back inside. He always did when he risked crafting a universal paradox all to complete a mundane task. It didn’t matter the danger, the magic always made him feel closer to his beloved. Checking his watch once more he stepped back into the kitchen now sure of his intentions. Tonight called for something light, a pasta salad perhaps. Andrea would have liked that.

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Cryomancer & Mixologist Recipe: Coffee Stout Milkshake, an unlikely alliance

Lunging at one another, the Mixologist chucked a flaming flask while the Cryomancer countered with a heaping avalanche of ice. But they both realized too late that their attacks were just going to counter each other. What they didn’t realize at the time was how delicious the outcome would be.

Two weeks ago, Tom came up to visit and finally managed to smuggle a bottle of the exceptionally rare Imperial Stout Trooper. To call it an excellent beer would be an understatement, but the beer originally debuted in late winter, so it isn’t exactly designed for the late spring/early summer pallet. But not one to let it go to waste, I knew the best way to drink it was by adding two things: more alcohol and ice cream.

The end result is a concoction that would make both the cryomancer and mixologist proud to clink tankards on a warm day.

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Humans ‘R’ Us: A New Magic Deck Idea and Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken Recipe

Castles and Cooks is proud to welcome back our first guest writer on the site – Bill O’Dell! A long time player of Magic, Bill loves what we’re doing here and offered up a new deck idea along with a corresponding recipe or two! Welcome back! – Jesse the Baker

One of my favourite deck types besides combo is tribal. And while Innistrad wasn’t as tribal happy as say Onslaught, the one shining light besides the angels were the humans. Their light would not be extinguished and unlike the darker magical critters of the night, they can keep multiplying endlessly without needing a host.

OK fine, humans do need a female host – but are we really going to get into a biology lesson now?

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Cook’s Recipe: Lamb Sliders & Sweet Potato Fries

Platter after platter, the halfing hosts continued to reward the heroes with enough burgers to feed an entire non-halfing village. With the trolls slain, the heroes began to wonder what would happen to the halflings if they discovered a human sized burger.

With my relatively new apartment, I had to make a huge sacrifice: the loss of my grill. Thanks to things like “fire codes,” I’m not allowed to have a grill on my porch. And since my smoke alarm goes off whenever I use my toaster, I’ve lost the ability to grill large pieces of meat. But sometimes I  really want a burger that isn’t McDonald’s. So combined with the fact that Trader Joe’s sells these adorable miniburger buns, I had to make myself some.

But then I realized that a slider is just about the right size for a halfling, and that’s why I went with lamb because I don’t see Bilbo or Frodo being able to take down a beef critter.

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Baker’s Post: Kaylee’s Strawberry Donuts & Jayne’s Mudders Donuts

I got a ridiculous craving for donuts the other night, and while the craving wasn’t quite strong enough to convince me to make a midnight run to the 24-hour Dunkin’, it did inspire me to think of new ways to use my mini donut factory!  You can buy one yourself from Think Geek, or you can use a donut pan mold.

While I don’t think Kaylee and Jayne would be able to scrounge up enough butter and sugar on the outer planets to make donuts, I reckon that if they could, these are the donuts they would crave.  Kaylee’s donut of choice is obvious:  packed full of her favorite strawberries!  For the Hero of Canton, his donut is a tribute to Mudders Milk, and of course, contains a little alcohol!

Click below for a donut recipe from a former donut semi-professional!  Wait…oh…so working at Tim Horton’s for two years doesn’t make me a donut semi-professional?   I think that since both Jewel Staite and Nathan Fillion are from Canada, they might be with me on this one!

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Feeding the Pack: a Deck Idea and Shredded Beef Recipe with Salsa

Castles and Cooks is proud to introduce our first guest writer on the site – Bill O’Dell! A long time player of Magic, Bill loves what we’re doing here and offered up a new deck idea along with a corresponding recipe or two! Welcome Bill! – Jesse

Hi! My name is Bill. I’ve been an addict of Magic: The Gathering for 18 years now. I’ve tried to Cleanse myself of the habit, really I have. I’ve tried everything Brainwash, Lobotomy, Shock therapy, among many other tactics. But each time I feel a Call to the Wild, I must have a Natural Affinity for the game. I’ve been playing since around the time of the Ice Age – no, not the Ice Age that killed the dinosaurs! And I don’t think I can stop anytime soon.

At the same time, I have been Cultivating a love for fire – the hot & spicy kind. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about the kind of chili fanatic who can’t feel his lips after eating. I’m talking about all the wonders of spicy cuisines that promote flavor and heat – Cajun, Mexican, Asian, you name it, I’ve probably tried it and tried to cook it! I’ve been cooking since my early teens and in restaurants, where I learned a thing or two for about a decade. Then I realized I liked to experiment with cooking more than feeding hundreds of people I didn’t know every night. So I took my expertise home and let the creative juices flow.

Combine those two addictions of Magic and spicy food, and a love of the written word, and that might be why you see my work here. I hope you enjoy my combos – both in the kitchen and in the playing field!

So the latest expansion from Magic: The Gathering’s Innistrad, Dark Ascension, has been out for awhile now. You’ve had time to digest the power of the new set … or have you? I believe that this set brings some much needed meat to the table for killer combos. For instance, Feed the Pack is meant to be abused in combo decks – and I’m here to serve one up to you!

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Cook’s Recipe: Kale Chips

“Do you think we should share it with Treebeard?”

“Share it? No. No. Dead plant and all that. Don’t think he’d understand. Could be a distant relative.”

“I get it. Don’t be hasty.”

“Exactly. Bar-hrum.”

Though I’m certainly not suggesting you should smoke kale leaf with the above quotation, you definitely would not want to share kale chips with your ent friends.

This delightful snack is ridiculously healthy, and I swear it is a great substitute for potato chips.  I am saying this as a person who adores potato chips and generally hates vegetables.  Every time I make them my roommates think I’m making something far more unhealthy because they smell so good.

Kale Chips

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