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Yes, that is an Axe Cop Halloween short. Yes, Axe Cop is voiced by Nick Offerman.

Zelda music? Check. Excellent costume? Check. Cute girl playing on an ocarina? Check.

So enjoy and hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow.

While not truly a capella, this piece is absolutely amazing – even if you aren’t into Game of Thrones (if you aren’t, you’re banished from Castles and Cooks). Lindsey returns again by being the most amazing violinist ever (and she must have like a +10 to cosplaying). Peter is new to me, but I am loving his work and I strongly advise you subscribe to his channel.

I recently came to the realization that I’ve only heard the song “Call Me Maybe” a handful of times. But I have heard covers of it way more. For example, this one is about Batman.

If you haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises, this is your spoiler warning.

Okay, I’ll admit that the song is beginning to wear a little thin. These mash ups have given it new life and this Star Wars mash up is the best one yet. Just let it wash over you.

ANY ARGUMENT YOU MAKE ABOUT THIS IS IRRELEVANT! Cookie Monster has seriously upped his production values since I was a kid.

The lovely ladies, Ginny and Dana, of Not Literally have returned with their newest song that has been months in the making – Sorted This Way! A parody of Lady Gaga (it disturbs me that we already had a tag of her), this shows off exceptional production values and almost makes this Slytherin want to change houses – almost.

Either way, who wants to have a Harry Potter dance party? I’ll bring the butterbeer!

Sorry for starting the week off with this, because nothing will be better than this. Ever. Between Paul & Storm’s excellent harmonies, George R. R. Martin being referred to as a bearded glacier and Vork doing Vork things, I think I have to give Geek & Sundry all my thumbs up.

This is clearly what the Voynich manuscript is all about.

Thanks to Rachael for letting me know about this. She really needs to start posting again.

The lovely Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly, have returned with another excellent arrangement played on electric harps – the Game of Thrones theme!

Yep, this is pretty much our classic nerdy music video trifecta. Cute girl in glasses? Excellent harmonies? About the Hobbit? I would call that a home run! (Or would that be a triple? I don’t know baseball.)

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