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Nerdy Music Video: I’m the One That’s Cool

Felicia Day’s newest YouTube network, Geek and Sundry, has kicked off with a brand new music video! Written by Jed Whedon and Felicia Day, this song might hit a little too close to home for some of us.

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PAX Events for Tabletop Gamers

The official PAX East schedule has been revealed and it is looking pretty good, but what is really exciting is how many of the panels are shaping up to be about tabletop gamers! Below is a list of all the panels that I’m hoping to get to, but I know that will be impossible because of some overlap.


How to Start Playing D&D
Cat Theatre
Friday 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Let’s face it, all those rulebooks and funny-shaped dice can be intimidating. What do I roll to kill the goblin with my sword? What does Magic Missile do again? Why is that gazebo attacking me? The truth is that all tabletop roleplaying needs is a creative gamemaster and some players willing to go on an adventure. We’ll help you make sense of esoteric game manuals so you can stop just lurking on RPG websites or hearing about other gamers’ campaigns and start actually roleplaying. If you used to play D&D in the 80s or you’ve trouble with a male-centric hobby, we’ll show you how to find a group that matches your playstyle and gets you back into gaming. New dungeon masters can learn how to form a group, while we’ll show all prospective players that there’s no reason to be afraid of rolling a few dice on a Friday night.
Panelists include: Greg Tito [Games Editor, The Escapist], Ethan Gilsdorf [Author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, journalist and critic for New York Times, Boston Globe,’s GeekDad], Alex Guzman [RPG Networker / Game Organizer, Bad Wrong Fun], Shelly Mazzanoble [Author of Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons., Wizards of the Coast]

Design an RPG in an Hour
Merman Theatre
Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm
We’re making a pen and paper RPG, and you’re invited to the design meeting! During the panel, you’ll address the problem-solving and analytical questions required to design a successful game in a seat-of-our-pants, fast-paced environment. During the discussion, we’ll cover the basics of game theory and how to outline, centered around an example you’re participating in.

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Nerdy Music Video: Zelda Skyward Sword Ballad of the Goddess Harp Duet by Camille and Kennerly, Harp Twins

If you are a fan of Zelda cosplaying, electric harp duets or cute girls then this video will meet any of those requirements. Also, where could you possibly live that has ruins like those?

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Nerdy Music Video: Portal 2 The Wheatley Song

Remember last week when the This is Aperture song came out? Well, they’re back again with another Nightmare Before Christmas song – this time it’s Wheatley’s take on the Oogie-Boogie Song!

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Nerdy Music Video: The First World Problems Rap

I somehow found this sitting in our unposted archives. That doesn’t make it any less good. Seriously.

Perspective guys. Via The Nerdist

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Nerdy Video: An Ascension Proposal

There seems to be a long history of people proposing with card games. Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: the Gathering, proposed to his wife by creating a custom card called Proposal. And given the close ties that Ascension has with Magic, it only seems fitting that a proposal has happened – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The Official Ascension Blog has the full story of how Alan Gerding asked for some unique help proposing to Crystol Shelton. So with some fancy work, a custom card was crafted for Alan’s portal deck – Ring of Gerd! You can’t see it in the video above very well, so here is the actual card:

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Nerdy Music Video: Lord of the Rings Medley

Good lord, this is one hell of a video. Lindsey Sterling got well known for her Legend of Zelda Medley and this just continues the amazingness of it.

Move over Zooey Deschanel, you’ve been out-adorabled.

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Nerdy Video: Stuff RPG Player’s Say

The part about Munchkin may be particularly too true. But that doesn’t stop this from being awesome. And from what I’ve learned lately from the internet and the announcement of the next Dungeons & Dragon version is that all versions of D&D suck.

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Nerdy Music Video: Portal 2 – This is Aperture

What do you get when you combine Portal 2 and “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas? Pure awesomeness.

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The Guild: A Christmas Raid Carol

While not the most musically impressive song, I can’t deny that Felicia Day is far too adorable to ignore.

And I don’t miss PUGs at all.

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