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Portals of the Week

Each week we scour the tubes of the Internet for portals to all the best cooking, gaming, and all around geeky realms.


The Grilled Cheese Academy –If you haven’t already stumbled upon this nirvana of sandwich sites, make room in your favorites folder. A dizzying plethora of delectable sandwiches with mouthwatering pictures and descriptions narrated by everyone’s favorite Office member Jenna Fischer. Pam seducing us with descriptions of gooey cheese, where do we sign up?

Top Chef Season 8: “All-star” cast announced – The new cast has been announced for the season that will return to New York City, featuring former cheftestants from each of the previous 7 seasons.

Chef Tom Colicchio talking about feeding the hungry – The head judge from Top Chef appeared on CNN recently to discuss solutions to feeding the hungry children of America, including discussing what happens to the leftovers at his restaurants.


Only one week left till NEW YORK COMIC CON– We’ve got our tickets ready, do you?

Minecraft+Star Trek– What happens when you mix the two? Terrible things, terrible terrible things.

Geek With Curves – A witty, well spoken blog written by an awesome girl geek. We like her, you should too.

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The Rule of Three: Rules to Review:

As we continue to build out the features and content of the site, more reviews of various food and drink locales will be appearing. As such, here are the criteria under which CASTLES & COOKS reviews these destinations.

There are three categories to review: Food & beverage, atmosphere, and service. Each is scored on a 1-10 scale, which a total average score.

Additionally, we operate via the “Rule of Three” (as opposed to the Sith’s Rule of Two). Each destination will have been visited at least three times by the reviewer if not more. This is to establish a baseline average with regard to service and atmosphere most especially. Multiple visits allow us to remove outliers from the experience, such as a waiter having a bad evening. It also allows for more of the menu to be sampled and to gauge the atmosphere of the restaurant at various times during periods of the day or week. Exceptions to this rule may occur when bars, food trucks, or other similar venues are reviewed. With regard to bars, food is usually not really a big portion of the experience and with the exception of true micro-breweries, alcohol tends to be the same across the board. With food trucks and other establishments lacking in a permanent location, some of the necessities of repeat visits no longer apply.

As new reviews are posted they will be catalogued on our Review page.

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The Colors of Castles & Cooks

Undoubtedly, if you’ve looked through any of our early recipe or class introductions you’ve seen various sections coded in various colors. These colors are part of our system to define equipment and ingredients based on attainability, price and ease of use. For gamers experienced with World of Warcraft or Diablo I & II, the system should appear familiar, for these colors are a handy guide to determining the rarity and scarcity of items without having to consult a glossary.

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Our Journey Begins

Hail adventurers! Our journey begins here.

In the coming days and weeks our system for marrying the fantastic world of gaming with the vibrant culinary landscape will be unveiled and expanded.

While the balance of the site continues to undergo construction, for now, you can expect all manner of musings from us regarding the world of food and gaming.

Onward to victory!

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