Hail adventurers! Welcome to the world of CASTLES and COOKS. Come rest awhile at our table. All are welcome, whether you be a battle hardened mage seeking the answers to the multi-verse’s ultimate questions  or just a college kid trying to find the perfect comfort meal.

Our table is always full, be it with dice or cutlery, battle maps or cookbooks. Here we marry the fantasy of roleplaying games with the reality and wonder of food . What pray tell do they have in common, besides the use of a table-top? The ingredients for success in both are exactly the same. Creativity, passion, and fun.

But fair warning to those that would venture forth. The kitchen is often a place of great mystery and chaos. Mastering the gastronomic arts can often be as daunting as divining a new spell or felling a powerful beast. Adequate tools and training are required.

Who are we?

“Gamers who cook, cooks who game.”

Every great adventure starts with a plot hook. This one begins with a question “Would you like to be my nemesis?” With these words, so began the journey of Jesse and Tom toward friendship and ultimately the creation of this site.

Jesse Bio

While most people say “Why make it when you can buy it?” Jesse usually ends up saying, “why buy it when I can make it?” Constantly looking for new things to try, Jesse certainly has a unique view of the world having grown up on a farm in Maine. Like any good adventurer, he packed up and went on a quest which resulted in him crossing paths with his nemesis: Tom.

Jesse can also be found writing tiny toy reviews at JesterGoblin.com.

Tom Bio

To eat is to survive, but to eat well is to live. Tom is almost sure that someone with more gastronomical knowledge once said this, but since Google searches reveal no other authors, he’s taking the credit for it. Growing up in Connecticut with easy access to the Big Apple offered a great opportunity to experience ingredients fresh and foreign. He grew up scurrying among pots and pans curiously navigating the tastes and smells of busy kitchens full of good food and people. The truth might not be that romantic, but that’s the way Tom likes to remember it.

Tom’s first gaming experience into the world of Dungeons and Dragons came in the form of “Merc” a hammer wielding warforged fighter. In his first encounter Merc was cleaved in twain by a berserker-like bodyguard. Ten minutes in and Tom’s character had been sliced in half-vertically. After a resurrection Merc took sweet vengeance on the bodyguard and the evil sorceress he protected, by crushing both of their heads in a manner which can only be described as “Gallagher-esque”.

Needless to say, Tom was hooked. Now embroiled in no less than four campaigns at any one time, Tom is always ready for the next adventure, even crafting a few of his own.

Tom’s days were spent in the guise of a humble accountant. His life existed between the rows and columns of epic-level spreadsheets. Though he has turned away from that path its genesis began in a small college classroom in Massachusetts where, while listening to a lecture meant to dissuade first years from over imbibing potations, Tom met his nemesis: Jesse.

Colin Bio

Colin first heard stories about these “roleplaying games” from friends, strange tales in taverns about games where no one lost and everybody won. They seemed like the addled stories of madmen but then he saw one in action, sitting with rapt attention as a band of Jedi fought their way out of mines on some distant planet long ago. As he watched this bizarre ritual unfold, he thought: Jackpot.

That was 1995 and since that day, Colin has played D&D in some form or another. He started DMing quickly to get a group going, lovingly running through the Planescape adventure Dead Gods and playing as an elven ranger in Dark Sun and a Machiavellian gnoll in his brother’s campaign. From there he graduated to forum playing in college, running first several characters and now several games under the name Mephit James. Brief forays into Shadowrun and World of Darkness games have been amazing (the power-armor-encased dwarf called Old Ironsides was of Seattle in the 2050s) but Colin is always led back to Dungeons & Dragons, his first love. His tiefling warlock Shade in a 4e Planescape campaign is his current gold-star-winner for characters if only for the challenge of sticking with the party for increasingly selfish and manipulative reasons. One of those party members, Ni’shand, is another ill-fated composition of Tom’s who has already lost limbs and nearly his life to making Shade awesome. (Tom’s Note: I WAS NEARLY CRUSHED WHEN TWO PLANETS COLLIDED…and I lost an eye!)

At the same time, Colin has developed a love of food and dining when he discovered that refrigerators don’t magically create food as he has always assumed. He cooks for friends frequently and brews his own beer semi-frequently. His Eberron campaign (with Colin again as DM) is the best-fed gaming group in the St. Louis area. If you disagree he looks forward to a Throwdown challenge to determine the winner. Bring your d20s, your spice rack, and your momma’s number.

Patrick Bio

Patrick is an evil and featured creature of the Underdark; its powers are formidable and it feeds on the brains of any creature it encounters. Using arcane powers, it enslaves or destroys its foes, which include such powerful creatures as drow and kuo-toa.

Patrick’s first gaming experience took place in the village of Torlynn, where he and his siblings battled monsters and learned important life lessons like “Don’t pull that lever” and “Always drink from the magic fountain.” Today he is an avid gamer of games and a somewhat hapless cook.

All artwork and character designs are done by John Loren.