The 5 Most Important things about Zombicide Season 3

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue, and the newest expansion Angry Neighbors, are just days away from closing one of the most successful board game Kickstarters of all time. No surprise for the gaming franchise that has routinely smashed Kickstarter records, with Seasons 1 and 2. As we head into the home stretch, here are the 5 biggest things you need to know about the new season: including, new mechanics, new threats and some very special survivors.

1. New Zombies: Skinners / Seekers / VIPs

A new season means new threats and new zombie types. There’s a lot of variety coming our way, which should keep Survivors on their toes and constantly shifting tactics out in the wastes.

Skinners – The core threat of S3 have the annoying ability to not stay dead. When you kill a skinner, if a 1 was also rolled as part of the attack, the skinner is replaced by a crawler zombie. Multiple crawlers can appear with multiple kills and “1s” in the same roll. Also of note “+1 to die roll” doesn’t negate a crawler spawning, since you still rolled a 1. Skinners are essentially walkers in terms of toughness and activation, but they are last in the priority order along with Dogs. This presents an interesting challenge since no matter how good your weapon, the extra danger of being stuck in a zone with crawlers at the end of your turn is always there. In this case, more dice might become more problematic.

Seekers – part of the Angry Neighbors expansion – add an interesting wrinkle to the game. They only come as walkers, but all seekers on the board activate whenever a new seeker spawn card is drawn. They might move slow, but a few spawn cards in a row coudl suddenly surround you, or worse, end your game just when you think you have the advantage.

VIPs – New sculpts and some new rewards come with the VIPs. VIPs are walkers – all in various costumes. When killed they are claimed as trophies, and a survivor can trade in 5 of them for any available pimp-weapon (usually only found in pimp mobiles).

And Abominations are getting in on the upgrade as well. The New A-Bomb Abomination has the ability to pull players back into its zone if they are only one tile away. The days of simply staying one step ahead of an A-bomb and leading it around the map while you search for that glass bottle might be over.

2. A Feast for Zombie Crows

(Oh God, George RR Martin just got another idea for a book)

Crows are coming. Zombie crows (which will also get a separate release, ala dogs) are nasty addition to the game. Moving up to three zones per activation, crows basically avoid all obstacles on their path toward survivors, including the walls of a building.

3. Holes and Helicopters

New obstacles and environmental factors are coming in S3. Giant holes are now part of the map, which both survivors and zombies can fall into. Clever teams can lure zombies into the hole (which take 2 actions to move out of), trapping some and slowing down others. There are also helicopters which can be used across large portions of the map potentially, and even tents which can hold special equipment or new spawns. With new spawning areas (like hospital beds) and a host of other changes, Season 3 looks to be introducing more varied map features than we’ve seen, ones that should shake up veterans of the franchise.

4. Teams: Fried or Foe?

True team mechanics are making their way to Zombicide. A new deck of team actions allow entire squads of survivors to all act simultaneously, taking powerful actions like all firing into a zone or jumping forward on the run from the horde. But that’s not all. Season 3 will also introduce PvP. Teams of survivors will compete against each other to earn xp and complete objectives. Players can fight one another, but bullet proof vests and a lack of XP for dead opponents will keep the game focus from being solely on creating deathmatches. We do know that the PvP rules will be optional, so those looking for a strictly co-op experience will still be able to play the Zombicide they know and love.

5. Man’s Best Friend is…Man?

The last big addition – this coming from Angry Neighbors – the inclusion of Human companions.The four have been identified as being “the Searcher, the Gunman, the Handyman, and the Spotter”. They will be able to join you and your party and add special abilities, but aren’t full-fledged survivors. Instead they have passive/active abilities and act like dog companions, taking up a slot in your inventory.

There’s plenty more in the form of Kickstarter exclusive survivors, special 3-d barricades and doors, and all the extra tile packs and zombie boxes you could ask for. Plus, if you missed out on either the S1 or S2 KS, you can pick up the original games and expansions as add-ons. Zombicide Season 3 ends this Sunday, and the Kickstarter has already delivered insane value. There’s still time to get involved and pledge. Based on our experience you want to be involved in the Kickstarter, because all the free extras that you get would cost significantly more if you try and recreate it just by buying the extras up piecemeal.