New York Comic Con 2013: Winners and Losers

New York Comic Con 2013 has come and gone. The show overwhelms New York City (which is pretty impressive) for four days, then vanishes in the blink of an eye. Having been around for the breakdown after the show ends Sunday, I can tell you that vendors and exhibitors move fast. We’ve got plenty of coverage, interviews and fun stuff to recap the weekend that was, but for now here are our big winners and losers from NYCC 2013.

Winner, booth that gets the most people to stop and stare:
Power Rangers / Bandai

It’s the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, so Bandai went big at NYCC, with a massive booth complete with giant Red Ranger and all sorts of displays showing the various toys and iterations of the show. Yet, what sealed the victory were the giant televisions that were looping old episodes of the show and the movies. Why yes, I would like to take a break from dodging plastic swords and watch Ivan Ooze try and take over Angel Grove. Well played Power Rangers

Winner: Cooking at Comic Con
8 Bit Bakery, Einhorn’s Epic Cookies, Cooking Comically, Relish by Lucy Knisley

You might not think that food has any place at NYCC, aside from overpriced baskets of chicken fingers in the food court. Yet, there was plenty of cooking geekery to be had at the convention, including great cookies, and some fantastic cookbooks that combine food and graphic art styles for amazing results.

Winner: Best Comic Con Tweets
Jhonny Star Wars for summing up the Star Wars Rebels panel and the reveal of the Sith Inquisitor better than anyone else

The ubiquitous #1 fan of Star Wars was all over the convention and chronicled his “good times at NY NY Comic Party” for everyone on his hilarious Twitter Feed. Star Wars fan or not, you should be following him.

Winner: Cosplayer who demonstrated incredible stamina
Inspector Gadget

Saw this guy all day on Thursday, and from what I can tell, he held his arms up for 8 hours straight in the name of cosplay.

Winner: Best NYCC metaphor for the hope of reconciliation between Democrats and Republicans
Star Wars and Star Trek fans

There may be hope for the galaxy after all.

Winner: Biggest trend at NYCC 2013
Mash-up T-shirts

Mash-up t-shirts and cosplay were all over the Con, and many of the big t-shirt sellers were selling out of all sorts of pop culture mash ups. This is an awesome trend and frankly seems like a much better trend than trying to turn everything into a meme.

Winner: Gender Bent Cosplay
The Hobbit

Not only is cosplay for everyone, but any character can be played by any person. For every man in a Wonder Woman costume, you’ll have a lady Joker. But nothing we saw came close to these awesome ladies channeling everyone’s favorite adventuring dwarves. They even brought their burglar to Comic Con! Seriously, these outfits are incredible.

Loser: The invisible coat check

Signs in the convention hall, crew members, and even an entry on the official map all revealed the existence of multiple coat checks at NYCC. The problem was that the coat check was nowhere to be found, and actually was located in a corner of the Javit’s Center that was in the opposite part of the building from where every single resource said it would be. It was a rainy and cool weekend in NYC, so the coat check was sorely needed. Maybe next year there will be a scavenger hunt element to the coat check.

Loser: Clearing the show floor

Every evening at show’s end, the crowd disperses from the Javit’s Center and the exhibitors wait to lock up their booths, clean a bit and get ready for the next day. Of course, none of that can happen till everyone leaves. For whatever reason, whenever closing time rolls around at NYCC there are no announcements, no flashing of the lights, nothing. People loiter around and continue to walk the floor, and it usually isn’t till 30 min later that anyone comes around to make formal announcements that yes the hall has been closed for half an hour and it’s time to leave. At other conventions announcements are made, something NYCC might think of doing in the future.

Loser: Jesse’s childhood based on this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cosplay

Jesse loves TMNT. I have no idea what his reaction will be upon seeing this photo, but the cosplay was too incredible not to post.

Loser: All those Arizona Ice Tea Ads

All big cons are somewhat tainted by corporate shenanigans and consumerism. And frankly I don’t mind it since the influx of corproate funds and sponerships can help to fund the events and keep them going. All I ask is that the advertising not be stupid. Arizona Ice Tea decided to try and be ultra hip with rotating ads that played in the panel rooms between panels, with quirky sayings and glib comments. The most egregious might be that “one AZ ice tea lasts all day.” Um, no. Anyone who has ever had one knows it lasts about 6 seconds and doesn’t quench your thirst at all.

Loser: Tom’s wallet

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I spent WAY too much money at the show. Artist Alley – an area of the show filled with comic and other artists selling prints and original work – absolutely devoured all of my funds. So while I go count my pennies check out the art from Dave Dorman, Phillip Sevy, David T. Wenzel and Yale Stewart, four awesome artists who were more than happy to take my money and four artists whom I was more than happy to meet and chat with, great guys all around.