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One Hour Library Review: Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG

In our One Hour Reviews, we set a clock for sixty minutes and analyze the book. When time is up, we stop. The goal is to try and look over as much of the book as possible, without getting bogged down in any one section. Similar to how you might leaf through a book in the store, with some specific granularity, but mainly to focus on gaining a high level understanding of everything the RPG has to offer. Set the clock and let’s go!

This book has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to crack it open. First things first, this book is absolutely gorgeous. The art team outdid itself with the layout, the way they use art to frame the text, and the quality of the images. My favorite piece is a scoundrel type gritting his teeth and pointing a blaster at a Jawa who is casually holding a thermal detonator. How do you say “come at me bro!” in Jawa? Beyond that, there’s a nice heft to the book, and at over 400 pages it is definitely going to stand out in your gaming bookcase.

Time is ticking away and I’m eager to breakdown the chapters, but one other thing to note is the setting. The game is set during the original trilogy, specifically right after the destruction of the first Death Star. This is important to note because it means there really aren’t any Jedi or Sith, so don’t expect to be stating up a Jedi Consular or Sith Assassin with this game. Instead the focus is on playing players on the fringe or “edge of the empire” if you will – smugglers, bounty hunters, droids, etc. Time to dive in.

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