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Magic: the Gathering: A personal retrospective, part 1 of 3

With Magic: the Gathering celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, I wanted to look back at my own history of this incredible game. So here’s my tale…

When I first started playing Magic, I was introduced to it by my brother in the summer of 1994, only a year after the game had debuted. My brother and his best friend collected basketball cards and were exposed to the game thanks to visiting sports card stores. I don’t know how he ended up with a handful of Revised cards, but he “taught” me the game with great rules like Fireball always returning to his hand and my lands getting destroyed after using them once.

I lost. A lot.

I don’t think my brother was good at Magic either. But like many things, I tried to shadow my brother’s interests. Soon he set the cards aside and never picked them up again and we moved on.

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