Custom Gaming: Marvel Legendary Schemes 2.0

Marvel Legendary might be our top deck building game right now thanks to Dark City (and what seems like everyone else’s unwillingness to play Ascension against me). The co-op nature made us willing to work together as a team, but the game had an issue that really bothered us: the schemes.

The schemes themselves were well done. They were creative and flavorful and showed how well the game mechanics could be adapted without having to constantly reinvent the wheel with extra cards, like the Scheme Twist cards acting as bonuses, charge counters or stolen items. But the one big issue with the schemes were the designs – all of them looked identical!

So I took a page out of the Magic: the Gathering oversized card playbook and redesigned the cards with new art and a landscape format. Click on any of them for a full-sized, print ready version. They should be 3.5″x5″ when printed.