Magic 2014 M14 Casual & Commander Review: Artifacts & Land

What secrets are hidden inside M14 for the colorless crowd? Normally I have some elusive comment giving a hint but I’m flying blind for this one. Maybe I need to pay more attention to spoiler season since quitting… Anywho, here are the artifacts and lands of M14 through the eyes of the kitchen table! Will they hold up (usually not) but every now and then, something comes along that turns a head or two.

Magic 2014 (M14) Casual & Commander Review
White Blue | Black | Red | Green | Artifacts & Lands

Bubbling Cauldron

This card is hilariously awkward and part of a beautiful mega cycle. Part of me wishes the second ability worked on any newt, but the card benefits from not being 100% useless without newts. Add in the exceptional Soul Feast ability and you’ve got a card that can be very dangerous with a copy effect or two.

Guardian of the Ages

Yep, everyone has been clamoring for a colorless version of Elder Land Wurm. While I love the continuation of giant but slow creatures, the 7 mana cost makes this one a tough pill to swallow. Still, a 7/7 trampler for 7 isn’t awful and in multiplayer game you can easily hide behind one of these late game for a turn or two.

Haunted Plate Mail

A neat concept that hasn’t been seen in a while, Haunted Plate Mail has some weird language but resonates perfectly. As a piece of equipment, it’s pretty solid. Add in the weird living weapon aspect and it’s a good piece of equipment and certainly better than Spirit Mirror.

Pyromancer’s Gauntlet

Oh man, Chandra is lending out articles of clothing! How they missed making this her goggles is beyond me, but I love this piece of equipment. It evokes the history of Gauntlet of Might but more importantly, it is a must-include for my Jaya Commander deck! It’s a shame that it only benefits spells and planeswalkers, leaving Jaya in the cold, but I like this.

Ring of Three Wishes

So is Planar Portal worth using only three times if it saves you 1 mana each time? In some decks, maybe, but most of the time, no. This is just a disappointing mythic.

Sliver Construct

Yet again, Wizards misses the chance to make a Silver Sliver.

Staff of the Death/Flame/Mind/Sun/Wild Magus

The newest cycle of lucky charms disappoints me. Triggering only for you weakens them, even with the land drops, while the higher cost makes me hate them more. I do love the art on the blue one since it replicated the mana symbol in a creative way.

Strionic Resonator

This is one of the weirdest cards to ever be printed in Magic’s history. Copying triggered abilities isn’t something that should normally happen. I mean, look at the FAQ on this! The sheer number of options is insane on this giant tuning fork! Any combo or Johnny players out there need a playset of this because for years to come, it will change the kitchen table just like Sundial of the Infinite.

Vial of Poison

Well, I guess White and Blue now have access to deathtouch?

Encroaching Wastes

We get it, Wasteland was too good. But four mana and a land to kill one nonbasic? Those aren’t numbers I like in multiplayer.

Yeah, there’s no top 5 here because there simply isn’t enough new stuff! Strionic Resonator takes the cake for most exciting card, but the rest of the cards aren’t nearly as exciting.

Magic 2014 (M14) Casual & Commander Review
White Blue | Black | Red | Green | Artifacts & Lands