Magic 2014 M14 Casual & Commander Review: Green

As we wrap up the M14 review for casual and commander, we look at the last of WUBRG: Green. Traditionally in core sets, Green is a bit on boring side. It has a lot of creatures and a handful of spells, but rarely does it do something really exciting.

Magic 2014 (M14) Casual & Commander Review
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Advocate of the Beast

This feels like a card that should have come out in Shards of Alara or Onslaught given the creature types. In a dedicated beast deck, it is an okay creature but it doesn’t wow me the same way Ivy Lane Denizen did.

Elvish Mystic

Llanowar Elves is finally replaced with a singular elf! Elvish Mystic is a great creature, and I don’t think anyone is complaining about Llanowar Elves 8-12 (thanks Fyndhorn Elves!).


The new take on Overrun, I’m not a huge fan of the single target aspect of this spell. Unless you have a direct reason for such a large spell, it just feels like removal bait.

Garruk, Caller of Beasts

The new Garruk is a big change from the last wolf-punching variant. While expensive, Garruk provides amazing card advantage (yes, you can draw up to five cards off a single activation). When combined with Mirri’s Guile or Sylvan Library, it’s insane card advantage.

Next up is the free Dramatic Entrance. Cheating Progenitus into play for 4GG? That isn’t a bad option. Or you can cast any of the other 1200 green creatures. Finally is the ultimate, which basically grants you half a Tooth and Nail each time you cast a creature spell. And it is ultimate is immediately useable with a Doubling Season.

Groundshaker Sliver

Another color shifted sliver, Groundshaker Sliver is really expensive. At seven mana, it is probably too much to be worthwhile, especially when Battering Sliver is only six. It isn’t much of a difference, but trample isn’t the most powerful ability.

Hunt the Weak

Is Prey Upon worth paying 3 more mana for when you get a +1/+1 counter? I don’t think so. Well, maybe in some weird Simic deck but Simic players are weird.

Into the Wilds

Oracle of Mul Daya as an enchantment can be very powerful, but it makes it much harder to abuse thanks to the upkeep trigger. At four mana, this feels a touch too expensive. At least it isn’t basic lands only.

Kalonian Hydra

There are two phrases in Magic that make my eyes light up: “each opponent” and anything that says “double.” Kalonian Hydra is a card that says deal with me immediately. Even at its most basic form, it’s a 4/4 trampler for 5 and that is decent. But the fact that it triggers off attacks makes me want this as the new Hungry Spriggan in mutltiple-attack phase decks… because this card combos a little too well with Aggravated Assault and Bear Umbra.

Kalonian Tusker

In 8 or 10 land stompy, this is fun. In regular multiplayer, a mono-green Watchwolf is okay but not a must include. If you need early defense, this should protect you for the first few turns but there are some better wall options. On the offense, it is good but doesn’t have quite enough to make me want to play it.

Manaweft Sliver

Because Gemhide Sliver wasn’t good enough, now Sliver Commanders have access to two mana fixing creatures. Even ignoring the sliver aspect of this this card, a 1/1 for 1G that makes any color is good. Add in the fact that this allows for multiple copies of mana fixing means sliver decks are going to get a lot more consistent.

Megantic Sliver

Yeah, this card looks like an elemental to me. As a sliver, the buff is huge and turns a horde of 1/1s into a true monsters. In Commander, it’s a great singleton and in casual 60 I would say it is too expensive but then I remember Slivers now have 8 mana accelerators.

Oath of the Ancient Wood

Enchantress decks will enjoy this as a nice way to counteract removal. A well placed Back to Nature or Terminate can wreck a deck and this allows them to avoid both pitfalls. It’s a good support card, especially in multiplayer since it can target any creature.

Predatory Sliver

If Muscle and Sinew Sliver weren’t enough, there is now a third +1/+1 pumper… part of me just wants to make a cheap Sliver deck made up of pumpers to see how big they can get.

Primeval Bounty

This feels like it was made for Commander! All three abilities matter thanks to free creatures, boosting creatures or gaining life. It reminds me of Druidic Satchel minus all the fun of playing it in any color deck. It’s a decent card, but I worry it won’t do enough.

Rumbling Baloth

Don’t play this.

Savage Summoning

Insist never did enough, but Savage Summoning seems to be a step in the right direction. Adding flash helps overcome the lack of card draw, but this really depends on your playgroup’s reliance on counterspells. It isn’t an auto-include by any stretch, but especially in Commander it can find a home.


It’s sad this card doesn’t have Landfall. I love saprolings and fungi, but Sporemound doesn’t seem to have the same kind of home as most thallids. It’s neat but come on, Rampaging Baloths only costs 1 more.

Vastwood Hydra

Green getting a new kind of Modular is a really neat concept. Sure, the ability makes no sense from a flavor standpoint but this is just a solid X spell. Plus the counters can be distributed!

Voracious Wurm

This could be terrifying in Soul Sisters. Or any deck with lifelink.


The green color hoser is seriously disappointing when compared to like Great Sable Stag. Triggering off black and blue is good, but it only triggers on your turn and not off any instant. Because of that, this card just doesn’t do enough.

Woodborn Behemoth

This is a neat take on Threshold. Being a 4/4 for 5 is nice and becoming an 8/8 trampler for the same cost later on is good, but not good enough. It isn’t a bad card, but at the end of the day it is a conditional 8/8 with trample that gives everyone plenty of time to respond.

Top 5 Green M14 Cards for Casual & Commander
5. Elvish Mystic
4. Predatory Sliver
3. Manaweft Sliver
2. Kalonian Hydra
1. Garruk, Caller of Beasts

As a whole, Green doesn’t offer much new in M14, but it does take some classic cards and revisit them. When three of my favorite cards are basically reprints, it makes me excited for Commander but leaves green feeling a bit boring. Well, except the two mythics – those are awesome.

Magic 2014 (M14) Casual & Commander Review
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