Custom Gaming: Zombicide: Arkham Asylum Inmates

When we debuted Zombicide: Gotham City that was merely the beginning of our quest to the marry the world of Batman with the incredible zombie survival game Zombicide. With the second season of Zombicide on its way, we decided to take advantage of some of the new abilities to further flesh out the roster. We already covered the allies of Batman, and now we take a look at the inmates of Arkham Asylum looking to capitalize and breakout in the chaos.

As always we begin with a note: this is Zombicide: Arkham Asylum, not super hero, DC, or even just Batman. The reason is that we didn’t want any meta humans involved. So you won’t see us putting together survivor versions of Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, or even Green Lantern any time soon. We still wanted the characters to be grounded in reality as much as possible. We begin with a look at the man who originally broke the Bat.


The undead are walking the Earth, there’s social upheaval, chaos and fear are gripping the city and anarchy reigns. Sounds like the perfect playground for Bane. The master tactician, and physical brute should be right at home in this type of environment and might actually make a capable leader for the rabble of Arkham Asylum.

Level 1: Break-In

While Bane is pretty well versed with a gun, he’s all about brute force and his starting ability reflects that. Break-In – the survivor doesn’t need any equipment to open doors and doesn’t make noise when using this skill. The survivor also has one extra “free door opening action” per turn. Plus he’s gotten into the Batcave a few times.

Level 2: +1 Action

This is the standard level 2 ability and for play and balance purposes, we are reluctant to modify it at this point.

Level 3: +1 Free combat action or Toxic Immunity

A melee specialist and all around fighter, Bane loves to brawl, which makes giving him a free combat action a virtual no brainer. However, his mask and penchant for Venom also open up the possibility of him gaining a Toxic Immunity, making him immune to toxic blood spray.

Level 4: Super Strength or Born Leader or +1 die combat

Speaking of Venom, the substance that allows Bane to grow to monstrous proportions also gives him nearly unparalleled strength, so it only makes sense to offer Super Strength at the red level. This allows Bane to treat all melee weapons as having a damage of 3, giving him the ability to take down abominations even with something like a pan or a baseball bat.

If the venom addicted version of Bane isn’t your cup of tea, you can go the route of the brilliant tactician with Born Leader, which allow him to grant another survivor one free action per turn. Finally, since Bane is versatile and is proficient with weapons, choosing +1 die combat might give you the extra edge you need with ranged weaponry.

Note: While imitating Tom Hardy’s Bane voice is not required, it is strongly encouraged, all the time, forever.

Poison Ivy 

Poison Ivy is right on the cusp of our no metas rule (just like Black Canary). Yet, we were able to craft her abilities and flavor together in such a way as to create a master support character. And while she might not be the best on the front lines, having her in the party could be the advantage the survivors need to make it through another night.

Level 1: Rotten

Given that her biology makes her part plant, zombies won’t alaways sense or be drawn to her in the same way as other survivors. That makes Rotten the perfect starting ability to reflect her character. At the end of her turn, if the survivor has not taken a combat action, driven a car, or produced a noise token, she gains a rotten token. As long as she has the rotten token, zombies ignore her and she doesn’t count as a noise token. Making any noise or taking a combat action causes her to lose the rotten token, and the rules regarding moving through zones with zombies still apply.

Level 2: +1 Action

Level 3: Medic or +1 free move action

Before she got in touch with her botanical side, Ivy was a doctor, and while like Harley Quinn, she isn’t that kind of doctor, her knowledge of plants would give her a leg up in treating the wounded with Medic. Another interesting option to enhance her support capability and one that pairs really well with Rotten is getting +1 free move action allowing her to move more freely around the city.

Level 4: Toxic Immunity or +1 Zone per move or Regeneration

Toxic Immunity, allowing her to ignore the effects of toxic blood spray is obvious given her augmented biology. Giving her the chance to gain +1 Zone per move  really would emphasize her as a movement specialist, perhaps in ferrying equipment between survivors or grabbing objectives. Finally, to round out the flavor of her plant abilities, she can choose Regeneration which allows her to discard all wounds at the end of her turn.

In practice, Ivy plays a bit like the Joker, in that she’s at her best when she isn’t strictly fighting and is used to accomplish other tasks.

Killer Croc

Waylon Jones has always been one of the “freaks” of Arkham, and he knows it. His hatred of normal people is part of what drives the ferocity behind his attacking style and he’s often thought of as more animal than man. All that changes with the appearance of the undead hordes in Gotham, and Killer Croc now has ample opportunities to exercise some of his anger.

Level 1: Tough

The scales and hardened skin caused by the regressive atavism that gave him reptilian traits will make it harder for the undead to hurt Croc, so Tough seemed like a good starting ability for him. The survivor ignores the first attack he receives from a single zombie every Zombies’ Phase.

Level 2: +1 Action

Level 3: Bloodlust: Melee or +1 die melee

Given his fighting style and animal nature, Croc is definitely a melee specialist, kind of the same way that Red Hood was all about ranged attacks. Bloodlust: Melee really reflects that flavor, allowing him to spend an action to immediately move up to two Zones to a Zone containing at least one zombie, then taking an immediate free combat action. You can also choose to increase his potency by adding +1 die melee.

Level 4: Super Strength or Dreadnaught: Walker or +1 free melee action

Croc gains some enhanced physical attributes due to his condition, which makes him pretty versatile at the red level, even if he does still lean toward melee. With Super Strength all of his melee attacks are worth 3 damage, letting him go toe to toe with Abominations.

The new ability Dreadnaught: Walker turns him into a real tank, allowing him to ignore all wounds from the basic zombie type. Finally, Killer Croc can continue his melee madness with a free melee action that allows him to stay in the middle of the battle.


Slade Wilson is a master assassin, training for years to be able to stand toe to toe with not only Batman, but many of the meta-humans of the DC universe. Equally deadly with both sword and gun, he’ll be an invaluable teammate when trying to escape from Arkham overrun by the undead.

Level 1: Roll 6: +1 Die Combat

Deathstroke is really proficient when it comes to killing, so when he’s got a mass of zombies ahead of him, you can imagine how well he’d cut through them. To that end, he starts with Roll 6: +1 Die Combat. When resolving each attack roll an additional die for any 6 that you rolled. Keep rolling additional dice as long as you keep getting 6’s.

Level 2: +1 Action

Level 3: Collector: Runner or +1 Free combat action

As an assassin for hire, Deathstroke takes pride in studying his targets and taking them down. Taking Collector: Runner will allow him to gain double experience when killing runners. Or, you can choose to let him take extra advantage of the Roll 6 ability by grabbing another free combat action.

Level 4: Ambidextrous or +1 Free combat action or +1 Die combat

At the red level we really wanted to solidify Deathstroke as a combat master and retain his incredible versatility to choose ranged or melee attacks. Using Ambidextrous he can treat all ranged and melee weapons as if they had the dual symbol, setting up some devastating load-outs with dual shotguns or double katanas. Instead of that, he can choose to just stack another free combat action giving him a potential max of six attacks in a single turn. Finally, he can add an additional die to combat, giving him even more chances to roll a six and chain kills.

The last item you need to really make these characters work is a figure. Unlike the Ninja Turtles, the DC Heroclix work perfectly for getting a pre-painted Batman figure, or other Gotham character, in your Zombicide world! Plus, they are cheap online if you don’t care about stats.

Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and Deathstroke are trademarks of DC Comics. Zombicide is copyright Guillotine Games. Castles and Cooks makes no claims of ownership of these characters or designs beyond entertainment purposes.

For the amazing artwork, check out the Arkham games from Rocksteady (seriously, those games are amazing) . If you know the great artist behind this Deathstroke art – contact us!