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Custom Gaming: Zombicide: Gotham City Re-skins and Development Notes

We started off by revealing the Heroes of Gotham and followed that up with a look at the Villains of Gotham that are facing down the undead. In this installment, we take a look at some Gotham City inhabitants who can be realized by simply re-skinning existing Zombicide characters, as well as provide some notes and address a few questions about the development and the future of Zombicide: Gotham City

There are plenty of great characters from Gotham. The problem is that many of them are very similar to existing characters, and we didn’t want to overly complicate the game by creating custom character cards for people that really didn’t need them. Instead, we looked at the season 1¬†Zombicide characters from the base game and Kickstarter stretch rewards and re-skinned them as necessary. As Zombicide¬†moves into season 2 and beyond, we’ll have more characters to choose from and this list might expand:

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