Daily Archives April 24, 2013

Custom Gaming: Zombicide: Gotham City Villains

People seemed to enjoy our first attempt at customizing Zombicide to include The Dark Knight himself, but truthfully, we always had bigger plans (much bigger plans). After extensive testing, at least four rounds of revisions, and plenty of character impersonations we present: Zombicide: Gotham City. In this installment we cover the Villains of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, who look to capitalize on the anarchy of the zombie apocalypse.

First a note, this is Zombicide: Gotham City, not super hero, or DC, or even just Batman. The reason is that we didn’t want any meta humans involved. So you won’t see us putting together survivor versions of Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, or even Green Lantern. We still wanted the characters to be grounded in reality as much as possible. That being said, Gotham City and the Rogues Gallery lend themselves to tons of fantastic character options, starting with the clown prince of crime, The Joker.

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