Daily Archives April 9, 2013

Kickstarter: Relic Expedition Impressions

I’ll admit it, the thing that first piqued my interest in Relic Expedition – a Kickstarter from Foxtrot Games – was the set of animal Meeples. Just getting a set of Meeple snakes and Meeple monkeys would have been enough. Yet, after having an opportunity to play the game, my level of interest has broadened considerably.

At first blush, the game appears to be an amalgamation of mechanics we’ve seen used elsewhere. There’s the discovery and treasure troving of Forbidden Island and the random map building/exploration of Castle Ravenloft and Carcassone.  There’s a strong focus on PvP and the game does a number of things to ensure that players will actively impact and affect each other’s decisions (more on that in a moment).

Gameplay is decidedly simple, as players compete to find 4 identical treasure relics in the jungle, then escape via helicopter before their competitors.  On their turn, each player rolls two dice, one with numbers and one with animals. The numbered die determines how many actions that player can take on their turn and the animal die determines which animals move. The animal movement takes place before the player actions.

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