Arena Review: Cards Against Humanity Third Expansion

In our initial review of the card game Cards Against Humanity, we commented that one of the potential issues is a level of fatigue that can set in from playing the game too often. One of the best solutions to this issue is to simply issue more cards to help keep the game fresh. Coming off of PAX EAST 2013, a third expansion for the game has been released.

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

Suggested ages: 17 and up
Number of players: 4 to 20+
Playing time: 30 to 90 minutes
Contents: 112 cards (75 white and 25 black, 8 blank white cards, 4 blank black cards)
Retail price: $10 on Amazon
*Note: This expansion requires the core game to play.

Cards Against Humanity has become one of my go to games for large gatherings. The rules are simple, there’s really no need to keep score, and the game is social enough that over a dozen people can play at the same time, with no real change to game play. Trying to “win” isn’t really part of the core experience.

Right in time for PAX EAST 2013, a third expansion to the adult themed card game was released. If you’ve played the core Cards Against Humanity, you’re about to get more of the same. There are no new mechanics, card types or anything that changes the original experience. Something that was true about the last expansion as well. Players still play topic cards (white cards) in order to answer questions or complete sentences Mab Lib style (black cards). The cards are then judged by one player and a winner is selected. Rinse and repeat.

The second edition added a lot more what I would call “bridge cards”, cards that are sort of random or offbeat, but will help you make fun combinations. The third expansion seems to show a shift toward incredibly graphic, sexualized, deviant, and just plain gross cards. If your games have grown a bit stale because you’ve seen the same gross combos multiple times, that is about to change. Some examples of the gross debauchery include: “Filling every orifice with butterscotch pudding”, “getting your dick stuck in a Chinese finger trap with another dick”, and “vomiting mid-blowjob.”

That would make the expansion just alright, but what really pushes it to the level of a must have is that there still are those quirky cards that just make you chuckle or go “what?” in the same realm as “flying sex snakes” from the original set. A few examples: “Unlimited, soup, salad, and breadsticks”, “warm, velvety Muppet sex”, and “crying into the pages of Sylvia Plath.”

The only drawbacks to this expansion are that the cards will still not fit all in one box. While expansions haven’t been coming out at a blistering pace, eventually I’d like to see some larger box that can hold the original game and expansions. I’d also like to see a few more “draw 2, pick 3” cards and perhaps one new card type, again to keep the game fresh and interesting.

The price point at $10 remains perfect for an expansion. While the other two expansions seemed to lack a little punch, the third expansion comes with a freakin’ vengeance and will probably lead to some of the mot disturbing combinations yet. For that reason, and others, it’s likely that the game will stay at the top of my party game rotation for the foreseeable future.


More cards are always awesome.
The most offensive and vulgar expansion yet.


Expansion cards still don’t fit into box with original set.
Why couldn’t they have made some more Draw 2 Play 3 cards?