Kickstarter Round-Up: March 10 – 15

Kickstarter is quickly becoming a favorite place for us here at Castles and Cooks to mine for our next great game or piece of cooking equipment. While the risks are well established, the chance to discover something truly unique is one of the things that keeps us coming back for more. From time to time we’ll aggregate our favorite Kickstarters here and tell you why they are worth supporting.

Methodology: We do not actually back every project listed in this round-up (though we do specifically indicate those projects we have helped fund). The projects that we choose are based on several factors, but we tend to gravitate toward projects that have low risk, great value, and where there is excellent communication about the economics. It also helps for the product to just be awesome, something that we would want to play or use.

Story War: The Storytelling Party Game
What is it: Party game where players work in teams to create characters to beat each other in battle and, in the process tell a fantastic tale.
For fans of: Once Upon a Time, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples
Why we love it: Most games make the story secondary to mechanics and game play, so any game that emphasizes story has our attention. Plenty of cards and expansions means the game will never get stale. Requiring at least three players could be a bit tricky, but potential for large scale gaming is immense.

Dungeon Roll: A Dicey Dungeon Delve
What is it: Dice game where players take a party of heroes and delve into a dungeon in search of loot, dragons, and adventure.
For fans of: Dungeon Raid (iOS/Android), Zombie Dice, Custom Dice games
Why we love it: The dice are beautiful, the mechanics are fun and easy, and the game scales from one player upward. However, it’s the economics and communication by creator Michael Mindes that really grabs us. His analytics on everything from stretch goals to how he decided on his budget are the best we have ever seen. Every game or product from here on out is competing with Mindes. This is Kickstarter done right.

Dragon’s Hoard
What is it: Card game where players portray dragons trying to steal sheep and collect a hoard of treasure.
For fans of: Dragons… and multicolored sheep
Why we love it: The artwork is excellent and has progressed over time. The stretch goals are aimed at improving the quality of the product rather than just useless swag. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play a game where you actually get to be the dragon?

Sweet and Saltys Caramel Co. Second Expansion
What is it: Sweet, sweet caramel and dreams
For fans of: Caramel and other candy
Why we love it: The company and product already exist, so the risk level is very low. The ladies have also done an amazing job of outlining exactly what the money will go to, and what raising more money would mean in terms of expansion (new equipment, employees, etc). Also, their $5,000 backer level includes FREE CARAMEL FOR LIFE. We might start a Kickstarter just to raise money so that we can donate $5,000 to Sweet & Salty’s.