Gatecrash Casual & Commander Review: Boros Legion

One of my favorite cards in Magic is Boros: Lightning Helix. I love Lightning Bolt and Armadillo Cloak was one of my favorite spells too. So when it comes to Magic, I feel right at home in the aggressive style of Boros.

Weenie decks are difficult in multiplayer formats. The traditional system of applying pressure and keeping it on doesn’t exactly work when you’re facing off against 60 or 80 points of life. And RDW faces the same issue. You might burn out one player and maybe half of another before getting crushed into the ground.

Amazingly, Boros manages to avoid both of these pitfalls.

Gatecrash Casual & Commander Review
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Boros Elite

I love when I say things and then immediately get proven wrong. Boros Elite is an interesting variant of the Savannah Lions archetype in white weenie. But weenies aren’t always the best. As far as batalion goes, it’s a nice mechanic that encourages attacking – which is a great way to break stalemates. Sadly, you can’t do crazy tricks but putting creatures onto the battlefield tapped and attacking …usually.

Daring Skyjek

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I found Blade of the Sixth Pride to be interesting, and for an aggressive deck, this is a fine two-drop. The biggest issue is it doesn’t do enough late game.

Frontline Medic

This is a weird card, but I like it. The battalion trigger is a powerful effect and encourages reckless attacking. But even weirder is the semi-counter ability attached to it. Depending on how prevalent X spells are in your group, this is one of those weird toolbox creatures that will be popping up here and there time and time again for years to come.

Nav Squad Commandos

I love how they figured out a way to give this vigilance, but as a common, this would navigate you out of much.

Bomber Corps

This is a card I want to love, but sadly, it doesn’t do enough. And isn’t a goblin.

Firefist Striker

Like Bomber Corps, there isn’t a whole lot here in terms of value. Removing a blocker is nice, but I still see this getting killed off most of the time. The only exception is that battalion only needs three creatures to attack – and they don’t all have to attack the same player or planeswalker.

Legion Loyalist

Yay! This little guy got a promotion after all these years and holy crap I’m rebuilding my goblin deck! This little guy gives first strike, trample and semi-evasion! And he’s a hasty one-drop. Poor little Raging Goblin, you’ve been violently outclassed.

Towering Thunderfist

I hate playing around this in draft.

Warmind Infantry

If your deck wants to pay 3 mana for a sometimes 4/3, you’ve got bigger problems that need to be addressed.

Assemble the Legion

This reminds me of Endless Ranks of the Dead in a lot of ways, but this slow build is a fascinating card for long games. While white and red don’t have a ton of proliferate abilities, splashing into blue suddenly gives you a huge amount of options for abusing this token generator. This is a card just waiting to be abused.

Aurelia, the Warleader

Man, it sucks that she’s so expensive… oh right. Kaalia of the Vast exists and makes Aurelia stupidly good. And I mean stupid. Additional attack phases, vigilance, haste and flying all in one package that doesn’t really have a casting cost.

Sweet ineffable, I hate Kaalia.

Aurelia’s Fury

I like this card and I’m going to take some flak for saying this but: it doesn’t feel mythic enough. X damage spells are great, especially ones that can be divided for free. Tapping is good, and preventing spells from being cast is nice. If you’re in red and white for Commander, you should probably run this.

But this card won’t make you many friends. Playing it strategically is key because once you use it to kill someone, everyone will be ready for the second one.

Boros Charm

The charms have yet to really disappoint, but Boros Charm knocks it out of the park. Dealing 4 damage for 2 mana makes the RDW player in my smile with delight, while the overly aggressive part of my brain loves the “permanents you control are indestructible this turn.” To top it off, you can give Double Strike at instant speed too! Double Cleave was already good, now you have this insanity! New trust an untapped Mountain and untapped Plains again.

Firemane Avenger

THIS CARD MAKES MORE LIGHTNING HELICES! Now my Lighting Helix deck comes closer to fruition with Ajani Vengeant, Brightflame, and Lighting Helix. It isn’t a good deck. For midgame support, this angel is exactly what I want to see. She isn’t game breakingly good, but I don’t see myself being upset drawing her.

Fortress Cyclops

Neat in theory, but dies to far too many things.

Foundry Champion

I still play Flametongue Kavu religiously, but this might be the card that finally shifts me away from it. Being able to hit players or creatures is great and being a 4/4 with firebreathing and fat pants means it gives you a great outlet for all that extra mana late game.

Martial Glory

For essentially being a Giant Growth, I really like this card. It certain seems more fun than Seeds of Strength.

Ordruun Veteran

I like double strike, and I love minotaurs but at the end of the day, this guy needs an army to back him up or he falls flat on his face.

Skyknight Legionnaire


Spark Trooper

I love this card. Ball Lightning Helix is stupid but everything I want in a card. It’s just a shame it isn’t good in multiplayer at all.

Sunhome Guildmage

I love guildmages that win the game on their own, and this one really does it. Making hasty tokens is a fine ability, especially late game. Being able to pump said tokens makes him even better.

Truefire Paladin

Another lovely mana sink, Truefire Paladin reminds me a lot of the knights of old. Pumping, first strike enabling and vigilant? If you’re playing Boros, this is a mighty fine two-drop.

Wojek Halberdiers

I like getting a 3/2 for two, but they only gain first strike. I want more!

Arrows of Justice

Interesting as spot removal, but both colors can do better.

Boros Reckoner

I like this new version of Stuffy Doll and Spitemare. While standard players are trying to break him, there isn’t much new here for casuals. If your red-white Commander deck needs another way to deal damage like this, he’s great but I get more excited about new cards.

Shattering Blow


Boros Keyrune

A rock and a terrifying little creature make this a lot of fun. Is this card amazing? No, but I find it very weird it is written as “first-strike” in the reminder text.

Boros Guildgate

A mighty fine gate for Boros players!

Sacred Foundry

Absolutely love the art here, and I love the card too. If you are playing red and white, run this. Seriously.

Top 5 Boros Legion cards for Casual & Commander
5. Frontline Medic
4. Legion Loyalist
3. Aurelia, the Warleader
2. Assemble the Legion
1. Boros Charm

Gatecrash Casual & Commander Review
Orzhov Syndicate | House of Dimir | Simic Combine | Gruul Clans | Boros Legion
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