Kickstarter Alert: Ascension Online

We love Ascension here at Castles and Cooks. Personally, I play the game a dozen or so times a day and am eagerly waiting for Immortal Heroes to come out on the iOS version (speaking of which, expect a full review of that expansion this week).

But a lot of people wanted Ascension on Android – and now is your chance! This super limited Kickstarter (it ends 2/28) has something for everyone – even those who don’t have a Droid device. It also doubles as a preorder for the new Ascension expansion, Rise of Vigil!  The goal of $125,000 is a big one, but hiring a new programmer or two isn’t cheap. And they are working on a PC port too!

The levels of support range from simple ($10 for all expansions in digital form) to absurdly awesome ($10,000 to become a god in Ascension). If you haven’t played Ascension, it is one of the best deck building games on the market and it is even better in digital form.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Ascension Online and on Android, the team at Stone Blade Entertainment will be launching a short Kickstarter campaign, starting Monday, Feb. 18 – 28, 2013 – to help raise funding for resources to bring in a solely dedicated, in-house team of Ascension programmers to deliver Ascension Online and Android by the end of this year.
New Kickstarter features will include:
· Ascension Android app (Free-to-play, including iOS)
· Ascension Online (Free-to-play)
· Online Tournaments
· Single player campaign mode
· Broader Ascension multiple player and cross-platform play
· Quicker digital expansions
While making Ascension Online is something Stone Blade Entertainment is committed to do, it’s not something the team currently has the resources to make a reality in the timeline they want and know the fans want. Following the success of Sept. 2012’s Kickstarter for SolForge, Stone Blade Entertainment will be able to bring in an in-house team dedicated to Android and Ascension Online will enable more updates and innovation, plus the resources to make those platforms happen by the end of this year.