Armory Review: Fred & Friends Polluted Glasses

Over the years, I’ve accumulated an eccentric assortment of glassware. It seems to be the standard fallback gift for me (besides LEGO sets). So over the holidays one of my friends got me a set of glasses that is absolutely toxic.

Roll out the barrel and you’ll have a barrel of fun. There’s no better way to get wasted than our Polluted glasses and your favorite brand of poison. Totally intoxicating.

Like most of Fred’s products, the Polluted Glasses are a perfect gift for the person who won’t grow up (not for actual children). Shaped like toxic waste barrels and etched with a radiation symbol, I can’t guarantee drinking out of these will give you super powers, but it can’t hurt. Each glass is 10 ounces, making them a smidge too small for a bottle of beer but fine for a mixed drink.

But there are two issues I see with the glasses. First, they are thin. I’ve grown accustomed to drinking out of hearty pint glasses lately and find myself concerned about how fragile these are. They are also hand wash only, but that’s just me being lazy.

A toxic themed drink recipe is included as well, giving you a neon green that is disgustingly fun (and guys, if you really like appletinis, you can drink them out of these without any ridicule). I really like these glasses, but oddly, I find myself wishing they were made of plastic.