Armory Review: Robocup Measuring Cups

My assortment of kitchen utensils keeps getting weirder and weirder. What started with just some nerdy mugs blossomed into fine items like Pastasaurus and Mix Stix – it makes my kitchen look like someone stapled together Think Geek and Williams-Sonoma catalogs. It also means I own a lot of weird stuff that looks cool.

The Robocup Measuring Cups by Kikkerland sound like a great idea. It is four plastic measuring cups (quarter, third, half and one) that stack up to form a 50s-looking robot. Robocup looks great all stacked together on my shelf, but there is more to measuring cups then just how they look.

Made up of ABS plastic, Robocup is a solid construct – too solid for my liking. The oddly shaped pieces mean actual measuring isn’t the easiest. The awkwardly sharp angles make for items that just aren’t that useable – measuring cups have handles for a reason! If Robocup was made of a softer, more flexible rubber, he would work a lot better. At least it’s dishwasher safe!

While I don’t see myself using Robocup very often (I’m sticking with my beaten set that originally belonged to my grandmother), there’s no denying how cute the guy is. If you have a kid who wants to help out with baking (or you’re trying to find a way to get the kid to be interested in helping), these cups are a fun way to do that.