The Hobbit Gift Guide

It’s been almost a decade since we’ve had the wonderful combination of a cinematic journey to Middle Earth and holiday season!  Also, if you’re in my age group, this time around you have a real job and real money to spend on stuff!  I mean, other people.  Because it’s the season of giving.

Here’s my top ten list of some of the best and most unique Hobbit gifts out there!  You don’t even have to fight a dragon for this wonderful hoard, just your credit card bills and weird internet connections.

Limited Edition Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks

Limited Edition Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks | $17

These gorgeous notebooks are perfect for recording your own travels, or your hobbit-sized grocery lists.

The Hobbit traveling dwarves car decal | $10

Show up those proud parents of honor students and braggy moms with this sweet car decal.

Hobbit Map of Middle Earth| $40

This gorgeous replica of Thorin’s map would look perfect in your hobbit hole.

The Hobbit art print poster | $35

My favorite part of this amazing art print is the bacon and eggs.

Gold-Plated The One Ring | $100

The ultimate in Middle Earth merch. Preciousssss.

Middle Earth map skirt | $45

For all the Tolkien fan ladies out there, how can you possibly resist this adorable skirt?

An Unexpected Gathering LEGO set | $70

Probably one of the best LEGO sets ever.

The Hobbit hollow book safe | $65

The perfect hiding spot for your magic rings and other trinkets.

Furry adventure hobbit slippers | $20

You can finally have those sexy hobbit feet you’ve been coveting!

Lord of the Rings map jewelry necklace | $20

Another gift for the ladies, this necklace is subtle and makes the tune to “Concerning Hobbits” start in my head.