Return to Ravnica Casual & Commander Review: Green

Green is usually the most multicolor-friendly color thank to an abundance of color fixing. For Commanders, that usually means green becomes a cornerstone of any 5-color deck (or four color at the kitchen table – unless you like playing on hard mode).

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Arial Predation
Green keeps getting more and more targeted flier removal. While strictly better than Wing Snare, Aerial Predation’s measly two life doesn’t compare to Eaten by Spiders.

Giant spiders are usually decent, but the combination of reach and trample just feels wrong. When monogreen has access to gems like Silklash Spider, why would you pay seven for a 5/5? It gets even more absurd when you go into the multicolor spiders that really defend you.

Axebane Guardian
The defender matters subtheme has just gotten a dangerous bump thanks to the fact that Axebane Guardian generates any color of mana. When combined with Overgrown Battlement, you get a lot of mana for cheap – and some extra defense on the ground. Now the question is just what do you do with all that mana. My gut says Latulla and Squee, Goblin Nabob.

Axebane Stag
My Elk deck just curved out.

How is this a beast and not some other woodland creature? I like the idea of a 3/1 vigilant creature for 2 but this only works in a very specific beatdown decks – like 10 land stompy. I love 10 land stompy.

Centaur’s Herald
Paying 4 mana over two turns for a 3/3 dosn’t seem that exciting.

Chorus of Might
If you have a lot of creatures, you shouldn’t need a pump spell. If you need a pump spell, you probably don’t have a lot of creatures.

Death’s Presence
Besides the fact that this sounds like a black card, this is an interesting enchantment but obscenely expensive. At six mana, it really punishes your opponents for trying to kill your creatures but a single board wipe utterly decimates you. Making all your creatures modular though is just begging for abuse.

Gatecreeper Vine
I love the gates and I love that this allows you to tutor for them! While putting it into your hand isn’t the best given how slow the gates are, being able to add two more colors of mana (and ensure you won’t miss a land drop) for only 2 mana is a deal. Plus it has defender so Axebane Guardian loves it too.

Giant Growth
I have nothing new to say here.

Gobbling Ooze
I love oozes and when it comes to green sacrificing outlets, this isn’t awful. It grows but the ability feels a bit too niche for my liking. But for your Mimeoplasm Ooze deck, it’s an auto-include.

Mana Bloom
I have an unhealthy obsession with charge counters, so Mana Bloom is right up my alley. It’s such an odd enchantment that doesn’t really accelerate your mana, but the bounce back clause really makes me interested. The real thing to notice is that this ability is once per turn – so in a game of star you can use it four times and then bounce it back.

Oak Street Innkeeper
I really enjoy the flavor of sleeping creatures but in multiplayer she excels. Giving your creatures hexproof is absurdly good (and almost impossible to respond to). Now you just need a way to tap her as well.

Rubbleback Rhino
I do like that my Rhino deck no longer starts at 7 mana.

Savage Surge
As a combat trick, this is decent but as a multiplayer card, this isn’t going to do much.

Seek the Horizon
A reprint, Seek the Horizon is killed by the fact that it only gets basics. Sure, you’ll probably never miss a land drop for the rest of the game but four mana is expensive and I would almost always prefer Harmonize.

Slime Molding
This is the weirdest Blaze variant I’ve seen in a while. For an ooze deck, it’s hilarious. But unless you can protect your giant ooze, this card is just a removal lightning rod. That isn’t always a bad thing.

Towering Indrik
Oh, so Giant Spider isn’t good enough to reprint but this gets made? I’m offended.

Ubran Burgeoning
I am terrified of this teamed up with Gaea’s Cradle. But this feels like way too much effort to abuse.

Wild Beastmaster
The potential of this card is intriguing – especially in a Relentless Assault deck. Pumping each other creature with some amped up battle cry is great but it will need some effort to really work. But if you can get multiples of her out, she stacks beautifully.

Worldspine Wurm
Are you kidding me? Didn’t we learn enough last time a 15/15 got made? Oh, and it makes 15 power if it dies? At least you can’t easily cheat it into play. Well, except Sneak Attack. We’re all going to die.

Top 5 Green Return to Ravnica Cards for Casual & Commander
5. Mana Bloom
4. Gatecreeper Vine
3. Oak Street Innkeeper
2. Worldspine Wurm
1.  Wild Beastmaster

Return to Ravnica Casual & Commander Reviews
Azorious Senate  | Izzet League | Cult of Rakdos | Golgari Swarm | Selesnya Conclave
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