Ascension: Immortal Heroes finally has a release date – November 5th!

After what seems like ages, Ascension: Immortal Heroes will finally be available to the public (and not just those lucky people like Josh who picked it up at Gen Con). The release date is now November 5th… which isn’t quite Summer of 2012. But if it isn’t late, it isn’t Gary Games! As a reminder, here is what is included in the set:

  • 164 Cards, Including:
    • 69 New Center Deck Cards
    • 40 Soul Gem Cards
    • 2 Personal Starting Decks, Each containing 8 Apprentice and 2 Militia cards
    • 35 “Always available” cards (1 Cultist, 2 Fanatics, 16 Mystics and 16 Heavy Infantry)
  • 30 Deluxe Honor Tokens
  • Full-Color Rulebook
  • Storage Tray

The full press release is after the break.

Gary Games Launches New Ascension Expansion For Holiday Season

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 16, 2012 – Gary Games, a top industry gaming company, today announced the launch date of the newest addition to their Ascension deck-building game line, Ascension: Immortal Heroes. The latest expansion will be available on Nov. 5, 2012 through its website, and select local retailers. The new product developed by Gary Games will retail for $29.99* and is the second set to supplement Gary Games full size expansion, Ascension: Storm of Souls, released in Jan. 2012.

“Our goal in developing Ascension: Immortal Heroes is to continue the Ascension year two story arc and expand on the exciting mechanics from Ascension: Storm of Souls,” said Gary Games founder and CEO, Justin Gary. “We tasked ourselves to take Ascension to an elevated level that not only meets our high standards, but our fans expectations as well.”

As the second set in the Ascension: Storm of Souls series, Ascension: Immortal Heroes completes the second year story arc in the Ascension universe.  It can be played primarily with Ascension: Storm of Souls, but can effortlessly synch with all Ascension products and can also be played on its own.

In Ascension: Immortal Heroes, players will utilize the all-new Soul Gem cards in an attempt to stop Kythis’ evil plans to enslave the souls of heroes from the first war.  Players will recognize many of their favorite heroes from year one, along with an entirely new set of monsters, heroes and constructs.

All Gary Games designs feature high quality art and in-depth game strategy that offer a dynamic and fast paced play experience where players can react and adjust their strategies accordingly. Ascension: Immortal Heroes will join its sister games including, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, Ascension: Return of the Fallen, Ascension: Storm of Souls and Ascension iOS.

About Gary Games

Headquartered in San Diego, Gary Games is a top industry gaming company whose staff has over 30 years combined industry experience working with top brands. After selling more than 50,000 copies of the fast-paced deck-building board game, Ascension since August 2010, Gary Games offers one of the highest quality gaming experiences stemming from their passion for the industry. In August 2012, Gary Games introduced a brand new digital collectible game, SolForge. For more information about Ascension, visit, on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at