Return to Ravnica Casual & Commander Review: White

Now that the five guilds are done, I’m looking at all the non-affiliated cards in Return to Ravnica. So if you don’t have a guild watermark, you’re included! I’ll start with white since they usually go first.

Return to Ravnica Casual & Commander Reviews
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Angel of Serenty

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand…

This card worries me. Not because Kaalia will throw her down every turn, but because of how easy this card is to abuse. Oh the exiling trigger is on the stack? Bounce it. Or flicker. Either way, you now don’t have three permanents for good and three more are gone. I don’t rage quit often, but this might make me do it. A lot.

Armory Guard

I’m so glad this guy gains vigilance and doesn’t do something like “loses defender.” I kind of want to see what the Gates end up doing by the end of this block, but for now, don’t bother.


I wish this card got errata’d into like “Enchanted creature is detained indefinitely.”

Avenging Arrow

As removal, this is an interesting piece of it. During turns you aren’t involved in, it can do wonders. If you’re running black or red at all, you have better options. But for targeted removal in white, this isn’t completely awful.

Bazaar Krovod

If you really wanted to, you could abuse this somehow with multiple attack phases and Doran the Seige Tower. I may be misusing the word “abuse” in this case.

Concordia Pegasus

I hate cards that stall. Cards with a greater toughness than power are stalling cards. As George would say, “That’s cheating!”

Ethereal Armor

I really wish I had some Argothian Enchantresses because this aura is absurd. In an enchantment heavy deck, this is going to clean house thanks to the first strike.  Hey Uril, I got a new toy for you!

Fencing Ace

Double strike still scares me even though it has been around for nearly a decade. I really like the potential of this card, but it really needs to be built around with either auras or equipment. But he’s a soldier, so I’m sure you can find an easy way to pump him.

Keening Apparition

Nice try Kami of Ancient Law. Even with boobs, I still recognize you. For you commander players who really needed a second Kami of Ancient Law… umm, you’re welcome?

Knightly Valor

This is an interesting aura. Giving you a token is nice, and the buff isn’t awful but at 5 mana this is just a hair too expensive for eternal formats like the kitchen table.

Palisade Giant

The latest in White’s bodyguard category, Palisade Giant is an interesting card. It takes a lot of damage to kill it and it guarantees you one turn of Fog. My biggest issue is how absurdly defensive it is. As far as turtling strategies go, this is going to put far too big of a target out there for you to deal with. Then again, if you have a way to prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to it…

Phantom General

I know far too many people who are happy about getting a token lord. This is a perfect blend of raw power and build around me syngery that I love seeing. In a white-black spirit deck, it does wonders. It also works beautifully in a white weenie token deck. Or a Selesnya populate deck. Or an army of thallids. To call this lord versatile would be an understatement.

Precinct Captain

I still have a soft spot in my heart for white weenie decks, so anytime I see a card costing WW, I get excited. First strike is nice, but the fact that this card create an army along the way really helps. This is the kind of long-term card advantage white weenie style decks need in multiplayer – especially now that populate exists.

Rest in Peace

I can’t believe this isn’t a card already but I do not like this one bit. This card shuts down any reanimation strategy, any death triggers, any dredge or scavenge! It stops all of them! If I can’t use my graveyard, how am I supposed to combo?

Security Blockade

A 2/2 vigilance for 2W isn’t awful, but this card is unplayable because Street Sweeper exists.

Seller of Songbirds

For limited, I like this just fine. But at the kitchen table, this card is killed by the simple fact that it isn’t a bird as well.

Soul Tithe

This is a fascinating – and cheap piece of quasi removal for white. Depending on your table’s environment, this is a card that could quickly clear the way for you. I would test it out a few times to see if it works.

Sphere of Safety

THIS IS NOT WHAT SPHERES DO IN MAGIC! But holy crap, this is good. While not up there with Ghostly Prison or Propaganda, this is an amazing budget option. And if you’ve running some extra enchantments then is gets crazy – and it protects planeswalkers!

Sunspire Griffin

I can confirm this is a card.

Swift Justice

I want to be bored by this, but the combination of first strike and lifelink have me interested. Then I remember this card only gives +1/+0.

Trained Caracal

Just call it what it is: Mask Wearing Cat. Meow meow meow.

Top 5 Return to Ravnica White Cards for Casual & Commander

5. Fencing Ace
4. Sphere of Safety
3. Rest in Peace
2. Phantom General
1. Angel of Serenity

White feels underwhelming at first, but the simple fact is there are fewer monocolored cards in this set so the pickings are slim.

Return to Ravnica Casual & Commander Reviews
Azorious Senate  | Izzet League | Cult of Rakdos | Golgari Swarm | Selesnya Conclave
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